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vr vs

  1. D

    Clutch problems

    Brought a new hsv clutch kit with a new flywheel for my 94 vr v8 ute a new clutch cable a new clutch fork from dellow conversion installed everything and the clutch won't engage pulled it back out everything was done correctly installed the clutch and Bell housing again still not working any ideas
  2. M

    Variotronic Power Steering Pump vs Standard

    Have heard rumour that the Statesman/Calais (Variotronic) Power Steering Pumps differ to the Standard Commodore ones. The AC Delco catalogue seems to confirm this with different part number listed for Standard/Variotronic Pumps. Can anyone confirm this? Issues is VS Statesman 5L: The...
  3. 9

    Vs clubby manual conversion

    hey guys, just wondering how much of a hassle it would be and thr rough cost of putting my t5 from my vs exec into my clubsport and what needs to be changed to fit. Any help appreciated, thanks.
  4. B

    need a little advice on replacing fuel filler neck in a vr statesman

    I've begun swapping from a 60/63L tank to an 80L v8 tank and I've hit a problem with the filler neck, I've got the original out and the new one is in but the rubber seal is loose and I can't get it to pop into place properly, any suggestions? Also any tips and hints on easily putting in the...
  5. brinz96VS

    VS climate control

    Hi. The climate control unit in my VS Calais has been playing up scince owning the car. Ive read around and cant seem to diagnose why the unit wont physically switch on. Its an intermittent problem because it does operate, and when it deos its fine but then just dies again after 10minutes at...
  6. Lamby22

    My VR Executive - First Car!

    Name: Nick Location: South Australia Car: VR Commondore 1993 Gearbox: Stock Auto Stereo: JVC Headunit, Stock Speakers, US Audio Amp, 1x US-Audio 15" sub. Wheels: 15" Stocks (not for long :D) FUTURE MODS: White Side Mirrors VY SS 17's Calais Taillights Whats everyone reckon? It's starting...
  7. B

    diff swap questions for vs

    VS commodore exec series 2 live axle no abs about to replace noisy diff in vs, and cannot remove flange bolts connecting tailshaft to diff on my replacement diff that has remnant of cut tailshaft still attatched. So I have decided to cut them of with a grinder. Now if the same happens with the...