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vr vs commodore holden

  1. RedVrclubby


  2. J

    My vr wagon won't start can someone help?

    I have a 95 vr commodore I have replaced the fuel pump and filter but the car still won't start relays and fuses are good I have spark and fuel pressure but it just won't fire. It just keeps turning over and over. I tried aero start and still nothing. Could it have something to do with...
  3. J

    Vr wagon fuel pump problem

    I have a vr wagon and I have lost power to my fuel pump. Fuses and relays are all good does anyone no what my problem may be
  4. V

    Honest Pricing help:)

    I been told all sorts of **** from my guy mates that want my car so hopefully someone here can tell me what roughly would I get for my series II VR original 5.0L 5speed manual with heavy duty clutch, LSD diff, extractors. It's just hit over 200,000kms. it's been given a yellow licky but I'm...
  5. J

    [ACT] WTB: vr v6 auto engine

    ITEM: VR v6 engine LOCATION: Canberra CONDITION: New or Used PRICE: $200 or less DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: pickup PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD, Direct Deposit, Funds Transfer or Other CONTACT DETAILS: Email: [email protected], PM, OTHER INFO: required for a engine rebuild...
  6. H

    code 21 tps sensor voltage high vr v8 auto

    i recently had a issue with my vr v8 ute where it was holding gears too 2800rpm then banging hard shifts and having no top gear and a engine light on intermiediatly also stalling at idle i changed tps iac and still the same so i decided get throttle body off and inspect and hey presto...
  7. DontBeShy

    How Much For A Sunroof Installed For A VR Commodore.?????

    hey guys i wanna sunroof for my vr commodore but dont no what the prices are. does anyone no how much its guna cost ????