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  1. Deetorious

    VS - VR Commodore Roof lining solutions

    Hey all, So I have a black commodore VS so it gets very hot inside it! It has its 2nd roof lining (and cardboard/ backing board) in it as the first one sagged and the board just cooked and turned to dust. I'm starting to see this happening in my 2nd one now as its sagged from the heat and...
  2. V

    Can I convert my vs acclaim interior to statesman/caprice interior?

    Hello I just purchased a 1996 VS Commodore/Acclaim. It isnt in the best condition and I would like to clean it up alot and I was wondering if I could get the statesman or caprice complete interior like door trims, dash, seats an all to fit straight in? I also wanna get a new boot and so on...
  3. J

    running leds in tail lights/brake lights indicators rear side/guard and front

    Just need some help I installed red leds in my tail lights in my vs sedan but as soon as I did when I put my brake on my dash and headlights come on... any ideas why? Appreciate it! Also if anyone knows the globe codes for all of these would be so helpfull. Eg tail/brake light globes boot tail...
  4. J

    '97 auto VS won't turn over anymore and possible electric problems

    Hey guys, just thought I'd jump on here as it's got all my mates stumped as to what it could be, and I'm none the wiser either. I bought a 96 VS auto executive about 4 months ago, parked it up in my front yard and started to work on it as it had no interior and there was a problem with the...
  5. F

    Putting a VQ 5L engine in my VS ute

    Im thinking about putting a VQ 5L engine in my VS ute 1999, just wondering if its worth my while have rebuilt the 5L, wondering if anyone has done anything similar, or has any tips cheers
  6. ephect

    [VIC] WTB: VR-VS Roof lining - cardboard must be good

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: VR-VS roof lining, or hood lining which ever you call it. Cheap as possible :) LOCATION: Vic, prefer northern suburbs or close by as in north east n west. CONDITION: Used PICK UP INFORMATION: willing to pickup, shoot me ur location and I'll see what i...
  7. H

    vr-vs stateman parts needed

    hi all, is anyone or does anyone no anyone wrecking a vr/vs statesman im after a couple parts of 1 any help would be awesome
  8. H

    wiring a vr stage 3 cluster

    can anyone tell me how or point me in the right direction 2 find a wiring diagram for hookin up the 4th plug n trip computer into a vs any help would be awesome

    YEATSY Vs Ute

    G'day, im Jay from diamond creek, melb. on my green p's had my ute since the start of 2010, slowly slowly gettn things done to it when i got the money lol. Make: Holden Model: Vs Ute Colour: Herron White Year: 1997 Engine: 3.8 V6 Ecotec Auto/Man:Auto Suspension: Front - SSL Back -...
  10. S

    fit 22s on a VR

    hey, just wondering what i have to do to fit 22s on my VR commodore. i know i need aftermarket coilovers to replace the front struts but is there anything else i need to do to make them fit and keep it low-ish ?
  11. Pos

    304 How good is this for my VR ute?

    Hi all, just ran Rnd 6 Of the Sydney Dragway track championship series & I have to say even though I only made it to the semi's it was weekend of PB's. 15.07 was my previous PB. Friday night Q1 [email protected], Q3 [email protected], Q4 [email protected] & my semi final run was the best yet [email protected] All I...
  12. J

    Ecotecing VR help

    Hey all I'm am striping my VR auto and doing a full ecotec swap now I have the general idea on how to do it, I'm getting all the stuff before I start I have a VS statesman body Loom and the door looms still looking for a motor and a auto if anyone knows of one what else will I need and I...
  13. S

    vs v6 gauge placement and types

    hey just wanted to know about gauges ive seen a few commodores driving around the streets with gauges on there bonnet and i like them so i was thinking of doing it i was goin to do oil pressure volts and i cant think of a third one that i havent got already it wont be boost becaue no forced...
  14. T

    Stock VR speaker sizes

    Hey fellas. Got myself a '94 VR, and I wanna change the speakers (the whole lot of them) but I have no clue what size they are, nor do I know how to take off the covers to check. Lol. Somebody got the know how? :) Cheers
  15. speed__demond

    vr new red grill

    i got my vr front redone as it was in an accident and the grill inserts have a red line around the front does anyone know what they are from?