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  1. H

    Inner drive axle

    hello all, i cracked the rear subframe of my Vr . i have replaced the part but have noticed the inner drive axle was sticking out of the diff by about 30mm (drivers side).on closer inspection i managed to pull the entire piece out.the holding ring at the end was all munted and i have a...
  2. vr.calais

    Super Charging A Stock VR V6

    Just wondering what goes on with Supercharging a V6, and how much work would need to be done to the engine to make it a relaible setup... and the potential costs behind doing it... inc labour!
  3. vr.calais

    Affordable Performance VR CALAIS

    Have a VR CALAIS with IRS & LSD (i think) Completely stock, apart from cold air intake.. What can i do for affordable performance upgrades.????? Are better spark plugs going to do much? Should i get extractors, before doin the cat back? does a cat back exhaust give much more power etc...
  4. vr.calais

    Just Bought A VR CALAIS what should i do next?

    Just bought a VR CALAIS, its 1993... has had some work done on it already, being engine sensor (crank angle), Fuel Pump.. and since ive had it ( a few weeks ) ive done the steering rack, and ball joints.. coz they both were things that needed attention.. what else should i get done? what...