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  1. Braydenreid

    [ACT] WTB VR Manual Clutch Fork

    DESCRIPTION: Prefer Wanted to Buy, but will swap if i have anything you need ITEM: 1993 VR series 2 manual clutch fork. pretty sure its a T5 gear box LOCATION: ACT CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: prefer post or pick up from canberra, but will travel about 250kms...
  2. Braydenreid

    [ACT] vr manual (needs clutch)

    ITEM: VR Manual LOCATION: A.C.T YEAR: 1994 SERIES: VR II BADGE: Executive ENGINE: V6 Buick TRANSMISSION: Manual 5 speed COLOUR: Red (partailly in Prima) EXTERIOR CONDITION: very straight body. front left quater panel has small dint. roof has scratches INTERIOR...
  3. N

    Holden VRII Commodore. Would a VP or a VS engine fit into it?

    Hey all, first post. Heres the story: Last Wednesday, I bought a '95 VRII Executive for $1500 (although the seller gave me $50 back for petrol so thats $1450...Should mention he did have it listed for $1800). I'm only on my L's so my mates girlfriend drove it for me while my mate was behind us...