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  1. Rusty

    [WA] Perth installer needed - cash$$ vt seats into vr

    Hi guys, am heading to perth this weekend to pickup vt coulson hsv seats. Problem is, i have a vr ss! Does anyone recommend anyone / company to install these in and around the perth area. Even if anyone on this site has done it before and is interested in some cash. Heading to perth this...
  2. S

    VR SS Exhaust

    I got a VR SS 5.0L stock standard. I want to get the exhaust done but don't want it overly loud as I don't need the attention, but I still want a nice crisp v8 rumble at high revs. Can I have some ideas as to what to get as I am at a loss, I don't know weather to get the exhaust and leave the...