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  1. V

    VR/VS Cluster

    Hey Guys, Is there anyone out there that has one of these types of dash facia thing on there car? Im wondering if these things are any good or just a waste of money. http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/ODAwWDgwMA==/$T2eC16VHJHIE9nyseFruBQwrfvrsZw~~60_3.JPG This guy has a whole lot of them on ebay...
  2. V

    VR/VS Calais Dash in Executive

    Hey Guys, Just wondering for a mate. He's got a V6 Executive with the police pack dash cluster and wants to know if he can put the Calais dash cluster in it. If so, is this hard? Can you calibrate them to match the mileage of your car and if you can, can it be done at an auto electrician...
  3. NickVR

    [SA] For sale: VR/VS parts

    ITEM: IRS Exhaust, twin cat into 2.5 merged into single 3inch single muffler LOCATION: Salisbury CONDITION: Used PRICE: $150 DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Pick Up, May be able to deliver for a fee PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash CONTACT DETAILS: Email, PM, Phone or Other OTHER INFO: Gives off a...
  4. F

    [VIC] 18x8's, VT Brakes, Custom VS Headliner, VS V6 L3 Cluster and more VS parts.

    LOCATION: Warragul, VIC DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I'm happy to post small items at buyers expense, The rest of it will have to be picked up. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on pickup, or Bank transfer if posting. CONTACT DETAILS: PM or Reply to this thread. My VS got written off in a low speed rear...
  5. F

    VS to VT 1" Master Cylinder upgrade.

    I've recently purchased some VT brake calipers, discs and pads to do an upgrade on my bog stock VS brakes, and It's been recommended to upgrade the MC too. Incidentally, Philthy has a 1" VT MC lying around that I'm pinching. Could someone give me a walk through of how to swap it over? Or if...
  6. F

    What $ to offer for second hand suspension?

    I'm currently looking into lowering my car, and had done some pricing when one of my mates last night told me he was selling his car and would be interested in selling me his current suspension gear, then sell the car at stock height. What I've priced: SL front, SSL rear King Springs Monroe...
  7. F

    [VIC] VS parts - Headlining card, Calais wiper stalk, Complete rear seat.

    VS roof card - $50 - Out of a VS Sedan - Original Material - No Sagging, Clean VS Calais wiper stalk - $20 - Very little wear VS Executive complete rear seat - GONE - No tears - A few marks LOCATION: Warragul VIC. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Roof card: pick up only. You CAN fit it in...
  8. F

    Ecotec - Starter motor issues after jump start

    Had a few drinks with the boys last night, and my car was dedicated stereo. A set of jumper leads live in the boot so I wasn't concerned about a flat battery. When morning rolled around, I hooked a little suzuki ute up with the leads and attempted to turn it over (Ute was still running). It got...
  9. F

    Brand new globes found in high mount brake light - WTF?

    There's a small back story here. -Around 3 years ago, the weld on the left hand boot gas strut broke (The one below the parcel shelf). So my father (The owner of the car at the time), being the handy man he is, screwed it back on. With roofing screws. -18 months ago, I bought the car. -8...
  10. F

    VR/VS Custom Gauge Faces

    I know I've seen a thread somewhere on this forum about this... But i can't bloody find it again. So don't flame me, do your own searches, and link me. I tried any and every combination of "White", "Gauge", "Face", "Fascia", "VS", "VR", "custom"... I'm wanting to install the custom gauge...
  11. F

    [VIC] VR/VS Parts: Roof Lining, Calais Wiper Stalk.

    ITEM: - Roof card out of a VR/VS commodore sedan, with original material. Might fit VP too? - VR/VS Calais wiper stalk: Has the variable speed wiper control on it. LOCATION: Warragul VIC. CONDITION: - Roof Lining: No sag, clean, VGC. - Wiper Stalk: Very little wear, VGC. PRICE: - Roof...
  12. F

    VR/VS Nightrider grille - Opinions?

    See photoshopped attachment. Pic was originally from Social - I blacked out your number plate but let me know if you want the pic gone. Has it been done? Like/dislike? Maybe some of that white automotive mesh from SCA in the upper and lower gaps?