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vs acclaim

  1. W

    VS Acclaim ABS off light coming on and off, chugging at the same time

    Afternoon folks, VS Acclaim "ABS off" light coming on and off, chugging at the same time. I bought it unseen for parts but i'm considering putting it back on the road. It came with a dead battery so i'm wondering if that is playing a part. It seems to chug intermittently on the drive home but...
  2. PorkoWog

    [NSW] 1995 Holden Commodore VS Acclaim

    ITEM: 1995 Holden Commodore VS Acclaim PRICE: $1,750 (negotiable) LOCATION: Sydney, NSW YEAR: April 1995 SERIES: VS BADGE: Acclaim ENGINE: 3.8L ECOTEC 3800 V6 TRANSMISSION: Automatic COLOUR: Red EXTERIOR CONDITION: Original red areas of the car are in decent condition, however due to...
  3. J

    vs commodore help and info shaking/vibrating

    hey guys my 96 VS commodore acclaim seems to shake/ vibrate alot when idling at first i thought it was missing but it just shakes. runs perfect when driving though just shakes when im stopped. any idea's what this could be? i know a fair few people that have the same problem. my compression for...
  4. newvsowner

    VS Problems - HELP!!

    whenever i am driving, i get a thump when i try to accelerate until it clicks down into 3. it mostly happens when i am on the freeway going from 80 --> 100, it will thump, thump, thump then click down, hestitate then away it goes. ive taken it to the mechanic, and they couldn't find anything...
  5. J

    Jamie Brown's 1996 VS acclaim series II

    Jamie Brown's 1996 VS acclaim series Hey guys this is just some info and pictures of my car, i only paid $1,300 for her in June 2010 and have spent about $3,000 on her. Model: 1996 VS acclaim series II Colour: white Odometer: car 300,000 new engine 130,000 Engine Type: 3.8 litre v6...
  6. B

    VS gas + exhaust...

    Wow, this is a very different experience from my last few cars... now I'm suffering from an overload of information... looking for something a bit more specific now... I've just bought a VS Acclaim, and for financial reasons I'll be putting it on gas as soon as possible... I've been looking...
  7. V

    VS Acclaim subwoofer help

    Im looking to install a 12" Dual kicker comp sub in my Acclaim, But I have a gas tank on the shelf, So I was wondering if there was anyone here who know precisely where the petrol tank starts and ends when looking from inside the boot so I dont puncture through when I mount the subs...
  8. newvsowner

    [VIC] VS Acclaim I Passenger Door

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: i am after a lotus blue frost, or vs acclaim I passenger door. LOCATION: Melbourne, Victoria CONDITION: used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: postage or pick up PAYMENT OPTIONS: COD CONTACT DETAILS: PM OTHER INFO: I had an accident and went to...