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vs berlina

  1. M

    Aftermarket Stereo No sound?

    Hi guys I recently acquired a 1997 VS Berlina and installed an aftermarket stereo. I used the aerpro wiring harness and everything seemed to work perfectly. The stereo powers on correctly, the antenna works, and picks up channels. However, I can't get any audio. This includes using the AUX cord...
  2. hsv Stato fnq

    VS Statesman Climate Control

    Hello and thanks for the help, My VS Stato's climate control has been playing up for the last few months and now its not turning on at all. When it started playing up a few months ago the CC unit would blink on and off about 10 -15 times with an in-time clicking and hissing coming from behind...
  3. S

    Berlina Wagon Quick Question

    Hey, I am just wondering if any there were any factory manual VS V6 Berlina Wagon's made by holden? I'm just curious because i'm still on my p1s and kinda want one and don't want to search around for something that doesn't exist ahahaha. Cheers! :P (P.S S.A laws so no high power for me :cry: )
  4. G

    Vs IRS Berlina SUPER LOW or ULTRA LOW?!

    Hey guys, dunno if I wanna go super low or ultra low! If you could post some pics that would be cool! Also I have 15" stockies on atm, possible upgrade to the 16" s2 Calais wheels! The current hubcap to lip measurement is 390mm would like it to be at least 340. Don't wanna get hassled either...
  5. G

    Vs berlina 1995 fuel not filling properly!

    Hi guys, My vs berlina, since I've had it, about a year or so, never fills up all the way, I only put in about $60 (expensive prices) on an empty tank, my old mans vn took about $80 on a full tank, I'm currently very low on fuel and I'd like to take the tank out to see if it's the sender unit...
  6. S

    Vs S1 Berlina Wagon

    Just my first car, bought off my dad for 2k which considering its condition i think is a really good buy. Will add more photos and add updates on mods when i get around to them. Might be a while due to sh*t house employment at woolies and being a uni student ;)
  7. C

    My 1997 VS Berlina!

    Hey guys, just thought i would make a thread about my VS berlina. V6 5 Speed manual rolling on 17" VT SS mags Mods SS bigmouth Cold Air Induction Lowered right around with Monroe gt shock and superlow king springs fully adjustable converted to manual tower strut brace 32mm...
  8. V

    Tips on raising VS without changin springs

    Okay this is a really random question, and i couldnt find it anywhere on the site but i need to raise my car but i dont wanna change the struts over again, atm its sitting at roughly 90mm with lowered springs and sitting on 15' stockies, it sits high enough if i put on my 19s but then cant get...
  9. Z

    VS Berlina makes Creaking Noises while driving

    This is my 1st post ever. Ive a VS Berlina and I lowered it with pedders springs some time back and I love how low she looks. Anyway the problem is and I assume from it being lowered is ive stressed the steering/suspension/struts a bit. The car when i turn and more noticably on the left side...