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vs calais

  1. hsv Stato fnq

    VS Statesman Climate Control

    Hello and thanks for the help, My VS Stato's climate control has been playing up for the last few months and now its not turning on at all. When it started playing up a few months ago the CC unit would blink on and off about 10 -15 times with an in-time clicking and hissing coming from behind...
  2. A

    VS Calais 5L aircon compressor

    Hi I have a series 2 Calais 5L V8. Originally when I got it, the aircon did not work at all. There was no power to the climate control module nor was the compressor any good. I got a second hard compressor and brand new belp put on, regassed and fixed the relay in the module. All was working...
  3. V

    are ecotec extractors the same as l67 extractors

    how are you going guys just a quick question i have a vs calais, as you all should know calais come out factory auto. but i decided that i wanted a manual so i bought everything (wiring converstion kit, t5 gearbox+short shifter, tail shaft and computer) so everything is ready to go but before...
  4. J

    VS calais

    Got some parts off a VS Calais yesterday and noticed that the speedo cluster had a woodgrain facia same as the doortrims and dash? Never seen a speedo cluster like it before .Was this an option ? And are they rare?
  5. xDriiftPrincess

    '95 VS Calais dash brake warning light

    hi guys i have a 95 model vs calais and recently the brake warning light has been coming on whenever i apply my foot to the brakes (brakes work fine) fluid is full, brakes have been bled, master cylinder has no leaks, discs and pads are brand new, calipers are working fine.... not sure what...
  6. B

    1995 VR commodore ute v6 steering rack

    hi. I have to replace the steering rack in my vr ute and i have been told by a mechanic that there is 2 types of rack for the vr. Something about a variable speed rack which has a solenoid and hardens the steering when you go faster and a standard one which stays the same with no solenoid.. I...
  7. V

    VR/VS Calais Dash in Executive

    Hey Guys, Just wondering for a mate. He's got a V6 Executive with the police pack dash cluster and wants to know if he can put the Calais dash cluster in it. If so, is this hard? Can you calibrate them to match the mileage of your car and if you can, can it be done at an auto electrician...
  8. M

    VS Calais Rear Seat Cover Installation Help

    hi guys, I'm trying to put on a rear seat cover but i cannot figure out how to get the damn seats to fold forward so that i can do this.. Does anyone know how this is done? I can only manage to fold down the middle as it has a switch. Thanks
  9. M

    VS Calais 5.0 litre Coolant leak. HELP

    Hi everyone My first post here. I have picked up a sweet 1996 VS Calais Series 2 5.0 litre. Sweet paint, clean interior and engine bay. Just under 200 thou km's. Seems to drive well, little bit of diff whine, but I expect that with a car of this age. Since having it though, I have noticed that...
  10. J

    compressing SSL

    Gday guys i was wondering where id go to get springs compressed i got SSL in the rear of my calais and it aint that low im wanting to go lower iv been told any tyre service would do it dunno if its true or not
  11. PorkoWog

    Start-up problem

    Hey everyone, just a quick question. I am thinking of buying a mates VS Calais. Only negative thing I know about the car is that sometimes, to turn on the car, you need to put it in reverse or neutral (can't remember exactly which one he told me) and then into park whilst twisting the key in...
  12. nicevs

    will vs climate control from a berlina/calais work in an exec?

    hey guys i have an exec but really like the climate control option from the calais etc. i was wondering if anyone knows how to make it work in an exec. if its possible.. please help..:surprise
  13. J

    New member advice

    Hi guys, glad to be a member of the biggest online Commodore community:-) A little about myself... Name: Jack Age: 18 Current car: ED Falcon XR6 (don't hate me, it's for sale) Anyhow, I'm yet to buy my first commo and thought I'd come here as I have a few questions before I make my...