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vs caprice

  1. hsv Stato fnq

    VS Statesman Climate Control

    Hello and thanks for the help, My VS Stato's climate control has been playing up for the last few months and now its not turning on at all. When it started playing up a few months ago the CC unit would blink on and off about 10 -15 times with an in-time clicking and hissing coming from behind...
  2. premium

    The New Rig: VS Caprice, HSV Enhanced.

    Hey Guys, Just thought I'd show you a pic of the new beast. I picked her up for 7 grand with 12 months and rwc, she's got 184,000 on the clock and was a one-owner.
  3. S

    [VIC] vs caprice v8 gas vapour injection

    ITEM: vs caprice v8 gas vapour injection LOCATION: Ballarat vic YEAR: 1995 SERIES: vs series 1 BADGE: statesman caprice ENGINE: 5.0 v8 TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: green EXTERIOR CONDITION: good INTERIOR CONDITION: good TYRE CONDITION: good TYRE SIZE: depends which...
  4. baaj

    Vs caprice v8 losing power at high rpm

    Hi all, new to the forum here. Thought id kick it off by asking for some suggestions or if anyone has had the same problem iv been having for the past few months. The car is a 99 vs caprice series 3 v8. has 200k+ km on the clock but its been in my family since new and has always been looked...