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vs commodore

  1. D

    Vz accelerator cable in vs?

    Hey guys I broke the plastic thread part on my vs commodore accidentally the other day and I swapped the whole cable with a vz cable will I have any repercussions from doing this or are the accelerators interchangeable? Any help would be muchly appreciated.
  2. zeropalooba

    Rebuilding power steering rack VS Acclaim

    Hi all, I have the rack from my VS acclaim almost completely disassembled. I did this because it's been leaking and also has an internal leak. I don't know how to remove the rack from the housing in order to change the seal between the left and right sides. Has anyone done it? I've removed the...
  3. R

    Vs Bonnet release help

    Im just been told that i need to replace the bonnet, i think its called, primary latch (female). Is there a way to replace it myself ?
  4. 96HRT Lowndes Tribute car

    96HRT Lowndes Tribute car

    Hi all, a few mates and I decided to build a Tribute car for Bathurst last year and did so in 3x days. The car is now in its next phase of transformation. I have just picked up a 99 S3 5ltr 5speed VS Ute to use as a driveline donor as the tribute is still a 3.8ltr auto. The Ute isn’t running...
  5. Tr3nchy

    VS V6 Ecotec overheating!

    I realise this has been similarly posted before but I’ve been through them all and wanted some personalised advice. My 1996 VS Equipe, is overheating, guy that owned it before me had removed thermo-fan relay and placed a switch from fuse box to dash, it worked well but is really annoying to...
  6. hsv Stato fnq

    VS Statesman Climate Control

    Hello and thanks for the help, My VS Stato's climate control has been playing up for the last few months and now its not turning on at all. When it started playing up a few months ago the CC unit would blink on and off about 10 -15 times with an in-time clicking and hissing coming from behind...
  7. J

    Key tip broke off in ignition barrel

    Hi guys, just joined and am starting this thread because I seriously messed up. I was down at the supermarket and accidentally bent the ignition key of my VS Commodore sedan about a centimetre in from the tip, so I bent it back to straight and noticed a tiny crack in it at the point where it...
  8. H

    Buzzing in steering column

    driving along and use indicator around corner and turn them off and it starts buzzing whwn centred, thinking its stuck in, indicate other way to try to recentre it and stops buzzing when indicating, turn indicator off again and buzzes and smoke
  9. dale0908

    vs v6 berlina spring and suspension advice please!

    long time reader first time poster lads, I'm on my p's in SA and own a 96 vs berlina. long story short everything is pretty much stock so I was thinking you guys would have some knowledge on what to do and how to and your best advice on lowering it. Its still got the original 16s on it with...
  10. Y

    Lock problems

    Greetings fellow legion of awesome... (Holden owners) This morning my car's driver side door won't manual lock. Fob hasn't worked for ages, to tight to get a new one, so been manually locking car, till this morning. However did some tweaking to key and swapped out the battery and now i can...
  11. J

    VS Headlight Problem

    So I tried to get help in here but no one replied so I went ahead and attempted to remove the hid headlight kit that was installed in the car I bought and I put in some halogen bulbs. The reason I did this is everything blew slowly one by one and I found out that the lights didnt come with the...
  12. J

    Vs ute idle issue need advice on where else to look

    okay so starting from the start i have replaced what feels like everything. New spark plugs, leads, coils, IAC sensor and engine mounts.. at idle the vehicles rpm will fluctuate from a low idle back to a standard "healthy" idle. Most recently upon initially starting it the motor won't idle. Even...
  13. V

    VS Manual conversion (Help)

    So i have a vu v6 commodore ute with body damage and was wondering if i could use the manual conversion out of it to convert a vs v6 series 2 auto to manual? Cheers
  14. Michael vs

    Vs backfiring and running bad when hot

    Hey guys n gals if anyone could help me out here be much appreciated i own a vs series 2 executive i have this issue that when it gets to operating temp it starts to run a bit sad and every now and then it will backfire i have tryed everything to fix.My mechanic told me to take to a auto elec i...
  15. Tommodore

    VS Commodore misfiring

    my 1995 VS Commodore V6 (Ecotec) started misfiring the other day ... I thought it was the fuel line which i cleaned out and changed the filter ..... nothing Then i changed all the spark plugs as the old ones were due to be done .....nothing i just swapped over the spark leads from my donor VS...
  16. B

    1998 VS Statesman Ignition Barrel Same as VT-VX????

    HI Guys I was just wondering does anyone know if the VS series 2 statesmans had the same Ignition Barrel as the VT to VX commodores? I thought being a statesman and a series two they probably would... Any information would be appreciated
  17. V

    VS Commodore Miss firing Spark/Leads

    Hi all im new to the page and owning a commy, I have a 97 Vs i recently noticed a miss when driving under load, I changed the Leads yesterday and it didnt change ...im about to change the spark plugs today, Has anyone got any more insight into what may be causing the problem?
  18. Tommodore

    swapping erlina wiring into executive (VS Commodore)

    so i want to swap the wiring from my berlina into my executive so can upgrade a few bits and peices.... mainly what i want to know is how hard is it ? And how long will it take ? is it really that big of a job ? Before you ask im swapping it into an executive because im wrecking my berlina
  19. moocow

    WH LS1 shift kit

    Hey guys, Yesterday I bought a WH statesmen. It's an LS1 and apparently has a 4L60e transmission. I have a 4L60e trans out of a VS commodore that I put a stage 2 shift kit in. I want to transfer it to my stato and I'm wondering, are the valve bodies the same? As in, can I just take the valve...
  20. M

    Help. Reverse lights only work when boot lid is Up.

    Reverse lights stopped working a couple of months ago now I am trying to fix. The problem is that they work when boot lid is Up but when it is about half way down they don't. I can continually trigger this by repeatedly moving boot lid up and down. Reverse lights that only work when boot lid is...
  21. R

    VS commodore Radiator assistance

    Hello, Twice now I have had the small hose outlet repaired jsut above the main lower hose on the replacement radiator (plastic). I believe it's a rubber grommet that wears out. surely I could fix this myself as it was over priced to get repaired(in my opinion). Is there a name for this part...
  22. R

    Wl statesman seats in vs commodore

    Will a wl statesman seats fit in a vs commodore front and back seats
  23. F

    VS Berlina A/C Vacuum Leak

    Hey all, So my 1995 VS Berlina Sedan with the slightly more upmarket Climate Control has been doing the seemingly very common thing (from what I've read online) of switching the air-flow from face to feet when I accelerate/drive uphill. This is obviously getting more and more frustrating as...
  24. S

    is this good for a fuel range

    Hey I have a vs commodore exeutive series 2 and I ran my car too 500kms before filling up now the fuel light came on at 470kms and when I fill it up I pump 50L in her she clicked at 48.89L so I slowly pump till I hit 50L so is that good for a old girl as shes done way over 320999kms so my...
  25. D

    Clutch Issue Problem 1995 Holden Commodore VS Manual 5 Speed T5 Borg Warner Cable

    Hi All, So recently i have had trouble changing gear, and whilst up on a hoist a couple of weeks ago i adjusted the adjustment on the fork at the bell housing end, and noticed a slight improvement, now yesterday whilst driving to the shop, the clutch pretty much failed, i couldn't shift out of...
  26. Nessie1996

    1996 VS Sedan V6 - Fuel Pump not Priming

    Car: 1996 Holden Commodore Executive II - 3.8L Ecotec V6 NA - 4L60E Auto Trans - has AC - not ABS Hey guys, I'm just creating this thread so that when I fix it I can let you know what the fox went wrong. So here's what's up: - Cranks; does NOT start. - New Fuel Pump; NOT priming. -...
  27. N

    96 VS Commodore Executive v6 to v8 conversion. Tips please?!?

    I am beginning a V8 conversion for a my commodore, have only just taken the old engine and gear box out. It was a auto v6, but im going to manual it and I am only just deciding on a v8 now and contemplating the troubles i may encounter, and vital parts i will need. I understand that i have to...
  28. D

    Engine Cutting Out

    So engine has had trouble starting recently. Replaced DFI module and CAS which has fixed the starting issue but now it will spontaneously cut out while idling. Haven't tried to drive it because I don't want it to cut out in the middle of a road but when it's idling the engine will nearly stall...
  29. J

    VS Commodore V8

    Hi guys and girls i have just seen this on a VS V8 can anyone tell me what the SE (Specially Enhanced) means i have never seen it before. I'm like everyone else seen HSV but never seen SE (Specially Enhanced) before please help before my brain explodes. I've been up all night searching the...
  30. N

    VS V8 Airbox in a V6

    Hey guys, looking at getting a VS V8 airbox with the OTR pipe in my S pack, wondering if the airbox of the v8 is the same as the v6, hoping to just take the bottom half of the box with the pipe and put it straight in, but i gotta make sure it's the same size before i go and buy one, cheers :)
  31. N

    Engine replacement/rebuild. Need help.

    My 3.8 ecotec spun a bearing the other day on start up. And i am unsure if i want to rebuild this current engine or just buy a 2nd hand one. Or even to buy another type of engine all together. Im wondering what the cheapest option is, as i do want much more power out of my engine. And if i...
  32. N

    VS V6 ignition fuse blowing in hot weather

    Hey all, reoccurring problem with my VS S Pack, when the weather heats up outside (like 37+) i have problems with my ignition fuse blowing, the first time it happened it cut power to the engine completely, got roadside assist out, they put a new fuse in and i was on my way, later that day same...
  33. T

    Diff advice for vs 5 litre wagon

    Hey guys, So my 5 Litre Manual Wagon, blew the spider gear in the diff so I am looking for a bit of advice.. it is a Non LSD 3.08 and I am wondering do I get the diff reco'd and hope it is as good as a LSD (Will spin both tyres) or do I go buy a 3.08 LSD or any other commodore diff.. At...
  34. B

    VS V6 Manual Conversion Parts List

    Hi all, I currently drive a 1996 V6 VS, and am looking to throw out the auto and convert it to a manual. To get the best idea of how much this would cost me, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with putting together a parts list so I know everything I'll need. Thanks Guys! - Brad
  35. J

    vs rear dimister not working!

    Just needing some advice my rear dimister is not working, no power at the back when removing the plug and testing with a test light, switch does light up when pressing the button and deffently power behind the switch. is there a fuse or any other common problem ?
  36. B

    VS Series 2 Boot Not Locking/Unlocking Properly - Held closed with tape :(

    Hey guys, just bought my first ever Holden, a VS Calais and need a bit of advice. The boot wouldn't open, so crawled in via backseat and unscrewed the latch. Unsure how to fix it after having a look and now boot won't stay closed at all. The actuator doesn't make a noise no matter what I do...
  37. G

    VS Calais 1995 two tone bottom colour?

    Hu guys, Just interested in knowing what the bottom half of the two tone colour code is on the vs calais 1995 model. top half is masai red. Im intersted in knowing as i currently have a berlina, ive gt the foggy bezels and the fog lights as well and I need to paint the front bar beacuse its in...
  38. N

    VS V6 Oil levels and possible over filling?

    I'm probably going to sound like a complete moron here, but I was doing an oil change on my VS today, first time doing it, with the help of a mate who does his own servicing on his vs, both v6 ecos, and I think that I might have overfilled it, now it's a 3.8L engine right? I was advised to put...
  39. N

    VS V6 Cranking but having difficulty kicking over

    Hey guys, my vs s pack is having a bit of trouble kicking over, I'm not sure if it's the weather or what, but it's only really started over the last 2 days, she cranks with no problem, but the cranking time before she kicks over has gradually increased (it started pretty much instantly, but now...
  40. S

    Transmission Issue maybe?

    Hi guys, my auto vs has been changing gears pretty slowly recently and slipping out of gear in the cold so decided to change my trans fluid and a new filter. All went well except now the problem is worse. It's hard to explain but it feels like when the clutch is pressed in and out in a manual...