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vs ii

  1. LawnPotato

    Help Decoding Build Plate

    Hey everyone, I've got a VS ute as a donor and I'm trying to find out if its a VSII or VSIII. Its probably as simple as the year but I could'nt find anything telling me what year was what. Anyway its a VS ute 5.0l manual, I think its an S pack as it has cruise, tacho and bucket seats. Model...
  2. s-pack_a_punch

    My VSII Manual S Pack

    Hey guys. New to JC, as I just bought my first Commodore a week and a half ago. It's my baby, my project, my hobby, my stress relief. I got it off a mate of a mate, and thought I scored pretty well... It's a 1996 VSII S Pack with: - 129,00kms - now 136,000kms - A 5sp manual from a VSIII Ute...
  3. S

    [NSW] [Coffs Harbour] 1997 VS Commodore

    [Coffs Harbour] 1997 VS Commodore series II ******* LOTS MORE PHOTOS AVAILABLE HERE ******* PRICE: $3,999 o.n.o. ITEM: 1997 Holden Commodore VS series II (Sedan) LOCATION: NSW - Coffs Harbour YEAR/SERIES: 1997 VS series II EXECUTIVE ENGINE: V6 3.8L TRANSMISSION...
  4. Str!k3r

    Looking For a 1997 VS Series II Commodore To Buy

    Looking For a 1997 VS Series II Commodore To Buy Under 3.5k. Must Have: At Least under 170k Auto