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vs iii

  1. LawnPotato

    Help Decoding Build Plate

    Hey everyone, I've got a VS ute as a donor and I'm trying to find out if its a VSII or VSIII. Its probably as simple as the year but I could'nt find anything telling me what year was what. Anyway its a VS ute 5.0l manual, I think its an S pack as it has cruise, tacho and bucket seats. Model...
  2. M

    Transmission code for a series III VS Ute

    Hi everyone, I was wanting to know what transmission code a VS III ute (VT eco running gear) will have? Would also love it if someone here has one or knows someone who is looking to sell. I'm located in Ballarat but depending on where, I can travel. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  3. B

    CV III Clutch Confusion

    Ok, after all this reading and talking to people I'm getting confused. I have a VS III (2000) Ute, and the clutch is gooooone! I have had quotes from various places to get this fixed, the problem is they have ranged from as low as $700 right up to $2500!!! I here different stories, like a...