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vs key

  1. D

    Questions about Vs 3 Seater Ute

    Ive just come into possession of a 3 seater Vs Ute and the seats are no good and the key is playing up. Which seats will fit into this car, keeping in mind it is a 3 seater? i dont care about replacing the middle seat. And the car will only start if i hold the button on the key while i...
  2. Maxxiz

    [VR-VS] Fix VR-VS Key (Pics)

    Firstly, don't come crying to me if you totally destroy your key and have to go buy a new one. I suggest having a spare if you are going to attempt this, however I don't, so thats why I had a go at fixing it. Secondly, The rumour that "The key will erase itself once opened and you will have...
  3. Maxxiz

    VS Immobiliser

    Hey guys, searched a bit but didnt find a definitive answer. My keys been stuffing me around a bit, firstly central locking wasn't working, opened the key up to find the battery not clipped in (If you know what I mean lol) so clipped it in, works fine now.. even chucked a dab of superglue under...