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vs not starting

  1. A

    2000 VS Ute struggling to start when cold

    Hey all, I’ve got a VS Ute that’s struggling to start when cold. It can take 1-2 minutes of cranking when cold to start. Once it’s been running for a few seconds, if you turn it off and on again it fires up immediately. The engine runs perfectly once it starts. I’ve replaced the plugs and...
  2. M

    vs 5 litre wont start

    Hi guys, new here hoping someone can help Ok it started monday iv started the car (vs 5 litre dual fuel) to go to work and noticed the tacho jumping up to between 3 and 4 thou while idling, it seemed to run ok on the way to work so i thought it cant have been anything real bad. After work...
  3. L

    My vs not turning over need help asap cheers

    Hey people just registerd on here because i need a hand n . help others out to Wats wrong is i went to start my car yesterday and nothing so i charged my battery up again and the car wouldnt turn over so i thought it mite of been i overheated the fuel pump with low fuel in the car so i...
  4. H

    vs v8 commodore not starting please help

    Hi i'm an absolute newbe to this forum stuff so i will apolagise in advance 4 anything i do wrong, any help would be greatly appiceated. Now i've had a bit of a search on this site and found some helpfull threds to get to where i'm at. I've just put a replacmet second hand bcm (and key head) in...