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vs senator

  1. G

    Banged up VX with VS Senator Rims

    At one of my local car yards there is a VX exec that has bumper dints spoiler has been removed and just covered the holes with duct tape. Anyway get to the point. The car has been sitting there for a while and you can tell they rarely sell cars in there, eg. Info slips sun faded. They want...
  2. vscom88

    The Green Machine

    Name: Andrew Model: 1997 VS COMMODORE Seires 2 Colour: Botanica Mica Blue Engine: 3.8 Liter Ecotec VS (Soon to be stroked) Power: 160 RWKW Transmission: T5 Manual Clutch: Ceramic Button Clutch Modifications: maFless tune, custom cai, 3:9 differential gears to a single pegger, front mount...