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vs series iii

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    40L/100Km V8... Normal?...

    Hi, Every since I bought my V8 it has been heavy on fuel... but I never realised how heavy until I sat down and worked it out... Is it normal for a 98 VS S3 V8 Ute to average 40L/100Km?... (I would think not) It seems to make no difference if driven like a granny for a full tank or driven...
  2. B

    Ben's VS III Ute

    Well here she is! I was always someone who said Ï will never have a holden"... And when I first got this vehicle I was kicking myself. $8500 from a Melb. yard. 7 days later $500 on piston work. 2 weeks later $1600 to downgrade the DMF clutch that packed in. Just replace the CAS. BUT...