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vs ss 5lt f.s

  1. J

    VS ss tuning options and performance gains?

    Hey guys, looking at buying a VS ss which is a one owner car sight unseen. Anything too ask or look out for and also what are some good tuning options which will give similar power to a VP gts or cluby? Are the 5.0 tuner friendly and can I get some good power out of it or am I wasting my time?
  2. O

    How to drop in 5.0L V8 from VS SS into 3.8L VR Calais

    Hey all, I do apologise if this has been asked many times before as I could not find any exact answers. Am considering whether this conversion is fairly simple or not as I have another ongoing project. I currently have a 1993 VR Calais Auto, Series 2 if not mistaken, with cruise control. There...
  3. C

    [NSW] VS SS hsv enhanced 5LT

    Your for sale privileges have been revoked. You know why. Minux.