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vs ss

  1. C

    Power Steering Pump Failure

    Hi all. I own a 97 VS SS. The power steering became shitty and I had it checked by a shop and they said the pump and high pressure line were leaking. I rebuilt the pump with a seal kit and the old seals were hard and brittle. I haven’t replaced the HPL yet however the car was still fine to drive...
  2. J

    VS ss tuning options and performance gains?

    Hey guys, looking at buying a VS ss which is a one owner car sight unseen. Anything too ask or look out for and also what are some good tuning options which will give similar power to a VP gts or cluby? Are the 5.0 tuner friendly and can I get some good power out of it or am I wasting my time?
  3. C

    VN manual gearbox fit into VS SS

    Im enquiring on behalf for a friend if anyone can tell me if a VN manual gearbox will fit into a VS SS?
  4. M

    Vs ss tacho issues plz help

    Hey guys just bought a vs SS and obviously previous ######## was playing with the speedo cluster, the revs and speedo work but the KMS travelled doesn't clock up at all also air bag light doesn't turn on AT ALL, would anyone be able to send me in the right direction at to fixing this ? never...
  5. B

    Exhaust Question. Can't find an answer.

    Wondering if anyone can help answer my question as I've been unable to find the answer from searching other threads. I've got a vs ss it originally had a duel exhaust system but atm just has a single 2.5 inch redback system with straight pipe at the rear. My question is can I just get another...
  6. D

    vs ss fault Code 33 - Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP) - Voltage Too High

    hey guys i recently changed my headgasket and after putting the engine back together i have this code and its pissing me off cause i cant figure out what it is exactly can some one please help me ??
  7. brute50

    [VIC] Front seats black or dark grey VT VX even VS if they look good

    DESCRIPTION: wanted to buy ITEM: Front Seats LOCATION: Victoria .. will travel not too far CONDITION: not damaged DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION - i will pickup PAYMENT OPTIONS: cash on pick up or paypal CONTACT DETAILS:PM me - email...

    [VIC] FS: Cheap Repairable Write-Off 97 VS Commodore 5L

    ITEM: '97 VSII Commodore 5L PRICE: $2000 Negotiable LOCATION: Northern Suburbs Melbourne YEAR: 1997 SERIES: VSII BADGE: Executive ENGINE: Stock 5L TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Genesis Blue EXTERIOR CONDITION: Clean, pretty straight, except obviously the damage :P...
  9. R

    [SA] VS SS 5L 19" Rims Stock Low Kms

    ITEM: VS SS 5L PRICE: 10500 with senators, less without! LOCATION: SA YEAR: 1995 SERIES: VS BADGE: SS ENGINE: Stock 5L TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Botannica Mica TYRE CONDITION: Brand New ODOMETER: 147,00 SERVICE HISTORY: Full Books With every service and...
  10. Azrael1003

    96 vs ss

    Manual 96 VS SS Name: Chris Year: 1996 Model: VS SS Colour: White Bodykit: SS Engine Type: 5.0L V8 Engine Mods: HSV enhanced 185kw HSV CAI Pacemaker Extractors Twin 2.5" exhaust with twin hi-flow cats Gearbox/Transmission: T5 Suspension: Pedders full sports ryder suspension Wheels &...
  11. D

    VT SS Manual or VS SS Manual - How do I decide

    Hi all, Need some help if you please. Am currently saving up to buy myself an SS manual but am unsure whether I should get and VS Series 2 or a VT, by later September I'll have enough saved up. What I do know is that the VS Series 2 was by far the best from the VN to VS range. What I dont...
  12. Gunzero

    [VIC] (WTB) VR VS SS or S-Pack Bodykit

    DESCRIPTION:Wanted to Buy ITEM:VR VS SS or S-Pack bodykit (Front bar Complete With lower lip, Rear bar lower lip and Side skirts) LOCATION: Melbourne VIC 3025 CONDITION: New or Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will Pick up from your place (VIC Only) PAYMENT OPTIONS: Will pay no more...
  13. C

    VR/VS SS Body kits

    Hi guys, as the title suggests I am after an SS body kit for my 1996 VS sedan. There seems to be tonnes of clubsport and VX/VZ clubsport body kits to suit VR/VS's, whether they are genuine or non-genuine. But there seems to be sweet bugger all SS kits out there. Is there a company that...
  14. HamaTime™

    1997 VS SII S-Pack

    Model: '97 VS II S Kilometers: Bought at 204,000. Now 235,XXX Colour: Botannica Mica B148 Bodykit: S Pack Engine Type: 3.8 Litre (231ci) V6 ECOTEC Engine: - L67 OTR CAI - K&N Panel Filter - MACE 25mm Manifold Insulator - MACE 12mm Plenum Spacer - IMPCO LPG Air Mixer Dual Fuel system...
  15. V

    195i dizzy issues

    mate is putting a 195i into his vs ss now the dizzy connections are different on the 195i to the original engine..anyone have an idea on how to change it with out gettin a new distributor? need help asap as im still putting engine in now THANKS GUYS