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vs transmission

  1. W

    Vs commodore auto trans problems...

    Hey all, I recently bought a vs series 2. However I overlooked the condition of the trans fluid, the previous owner told me it had run low so he got a mechanic to top it up. Once I had it for a few weeks I noticed it was brown and smelled burnt, I also noticed that when I checked the level...
  2. [p]wrr-247

    vs s3 ute auto trans pan same as the rest of the vs ?

    hey im doing a transmission service on my vs tomorrow i did it on my 95 sedan and just having a quick look at the pan they look diffren can any1 tell if its the same or would it be the same as a vt auto transmission pan cheers guys
  3. J

    VS Executive Transmission and Power Steering problems

    Hi There My 1996 VS is recently coming across some problems :( there is something wrong with my transmission since the car cant even go up my street and accelerate like it would even after Ive turned it on for about 5 min to warm it up. also while Im accelerating after i hit 3000rpm it...