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vs v6

  1. V

    My VS Commodore 3.8 ecotec v6 engine ticks

    My Vs commodore with 198,000kms is ticking (watch the video) Does anyone know how to fix it?
  2. K

    vs v6 electronic issues

    hi all first time poster here, you guys have already been a great help. okay so my vs v6 manual ute sometimes won't start when I turn the key (fuel pump does start) it will however start if I turn the key off and on again a few times. (or if I hit the unlock button on the key whilst in the...
  3. V

    High revs

    My Calais has been doing this problem for roughly a month now, when idling it's very rough, while driving the gear changes are sluggish and the revs are high. While doing 50, it sits at 2k while doing 60 it sits at 2500 and so on, I've done a tran service, changed tips, iac, Maf sensor, vss and...
  4. moocow

    VS V6 constant high idle

    Hey guys, I have a 4.2L stroked ecotec which has had a manual conversion including the ecu and loom. Needs a tune or memcal to suit the engine mods (another problem entirely) but it was idling fine to start with. After a month or so of being on the road it started idling high. Upon start up...
  5. D

    VS V6 no injector pulse no codes

    Just finished an engine swap on a vs ute. Took the v6 and tranny out of a 96 Berlina sedan and put it into my 96 ute. Had the car running yesterday and it suddenly cut out while driving around the paddock. The car has spark and the fuel pump is working but the injectors aren't pulsing (checked...
  6. moocow

    VS V6 twin turbo 4.2L stroker build thread

    Hi all, Yesterday I picked up my new toy. It's an unregistered VT with a smashed rear window, really shotty body work and three chrome rims XD So why buy it? Ok; - 4.2L Stroker - Two turbos - Intercooler - Custom intake - Oil catch can (Think that's what it's called) - Blow off valve...
  7. O

    Weird idle changing between D and R

    Well I've done lots of reading over the past 1-2+ months about a weird running / idling issue with my 1996 V6 VS Commodore. I have replaced (with new genuine parts): - Both oxygen sensors - TPS - IAC valve - Spark plugs - Ignition leads - Fuel filter - Air filter - Swapped coil packs...
  8. H

    fuel econemy

    hi guys, maybe a few of you can help me with a bit of a econemy isue my sister is having ... my sister has a VZ wagon auto aloytech 3.6 with aprox 170,000ks, i have a VS sedan manual ecotech 3.8. aprox 450,000ks and my car gets far better econemy than my sisters, dispite the bigger...
  9. D

    VS automatic gearbox oil problems

    Hi guys, I've bought a nice VS wagon (V6 automatic, 260k km on the clock) about 2 months ago and now she's giving me problems. After a 1100km drive without problems, I suddenly have a gearbox problem. When cold, driving a few meters off in reverse and drive, sometimes I had to put the pedal...
  10. T

    [Ecotec] Budget Performance Mods 99 VS ute (ecotec V6)

    Im not a expert by far........... i have a 99 VS ute (Ecotec V6) running duel fuel gas/petrol and a 3 speed column shift auto anyway i would like to get a little more power out of her??? i am on a bit of a budget at the moment so i was wondering what i can do??? i havent got the money for...
  11. L

    VS Leaking coolant?

    I have a 97 VS that had a small coolant leak, so i changed the radiator and the gaskets and checked all the hoses, i haven't replaced the hoses but they dont seem to be cracked or anything. then when i put it back together its started to leak more from a different area? Any ideas where the leak...
  12. S

    Some q's about my VY v6 in vs

    Hi all, I've recently added VY v6 and 2 1/2 exhaust cat back to my vs and I'm wondering, if i get VY extractors am I going to run into problems fitting? Also, with tuning after putting extractors on, I've read there are A few different types of tuning? How do they differ? There's a few things...
  13. B

    VS stalling and is now not turning over

    Hi guys, yesterday I picked up my 95 Vs, after a bit of driving I noticed it didn't start up as easy as when I test drove it, today I've had the car idle rough then stall both when ive been stationary and when I've been moving. I was assuming it may be a issue with the fuel pump but the car...
  14. F

    [VIC] VS Auto L3 Cluster (Blue Illumination), VS Berlina Rear Seat, 4 Stockies %50+ rubber

    LOCATION: Warragul, VIC DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: I'm happy to post small items at buyers expense, The rest of it will have to be picked up as I only have a motorbike at the moment and can't take the item half way. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Cash on pickup, or Bank transfer if posting. CONTACT...
  15. H

    Ute Dies while driving :(

    Hey im new to forums, well.. being a registerd user anyway, lol i've used them in the past for info but i cant really find out whats wrong with me ute... its a Ecotac Manual 95' VS ute and while im driving to and from work it occasionaly dies and starts to choke and splutter, losing power and...
  16. W

    code - 76 engine running rough left side

    Hi i recently purchased a VS 3.8L ecotech and it has developed some funny noises and lost heaps of power. The left side of the engine will make like a sucking/rattling noise although that is a very bad description it just sounds like the engine isn't firing properly I checked the flash codes and...
  17. J

    VS BT1 Chip??

    Was looking around for a vs v6 BT1 chip today and confused about what they do? if you can get them? how they work? etc. I went to different holden stores where one holden joint said they can make one for $150, another shop said they never had them in the v6's. So not sure whats what at the...
  18. ParkwayDrv

    My 95 Vs s pac ute

    Model: 1995 VS S Colour: White Engine Type: 3.8L V6, with cai, and upgraded memcal Exhaust: 2 1/2" Gearbox: auto, with a corvette servo installed Suspension: Lovell ultra lows all round Wheels/Tyres: 18" VY SS Stereo: Ipod ready kenwood Other Mods: tint 20% ( i think ), new grill...