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vs wagon

  1. Y

    It just stopped vs wagon

    Today I was driving my vs v6 ecotec heading towards a merging lane. I put my foot down a little bit and then the car died. No lights no nothing. No response from turning the key on and off. I have just replaced the starter motor a week ago. I found their were massive arcs when I replaced the...
  2. C

    Removal of vs wagon taillight

    Removed three screws from taillight & both outer lower corners are being held by something, I don't know what & I am trying not to break the light
  3. S

    VS LS1 swap workshops in NSW metro area?

    hey guys, I am wondering if there any good workshops out there that will be able to do a LS1 swap in my vs v6 wagon? Will i have to supply the crate engine/6speed? cheers!
  4. M

    Vs v8 wagon fuel sender position

    Hi, This is my first post, I apologise in advance if I've mucked something up! I have a vs v8 wagon with fuel gauge issues, I've taken it out, tested it and all if fine with the sender. I have also tried another dash and that reads the same. It will go no higher then 3/4 on the gauge...
  5. C

    Vs wagon, spare wheel placement??

    So I have a vs wagon, I recently got LPG installed and its the 'donut' tank, it's placed where the spare wheel originally goes, now the spare wheel will have to sit in the r/h side of the cargo area but I was curious if it can be placed underneath the car somehow ? It would be allot more...
  6. W

    2nd gear pops out

    Hi guys, I have a 1996 vs wagon and 2nd gear is really 'loose'. By loose i mean that it just pops out of gear back to neutral, but only when the clutch is in. 4th gear also worse than 1st, 3rd and 5th, but no where near as bad as 2nd. I was hoping one of you would be able to diagnose my...
  7. J

    changing and removing parker bulbs in VS

    Hey, just having trouble removing the parker light bulb, its there a certain way to do it? cheers in advance.