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vt (98)

  1. Y

    VT Passenger side door won't fully unlock

    As per title my front passenger side door isn't fully unlocking. All other doors unlock/lock fine with the remote however this door lock gets about halfway up and stays there. I've taken off the pin and tried to pull the metal piece manually however still having no luck. Has anyone had any...
  2. O

    Everything needed for lowering car

    Hey guys so next weekend me and a mate are going to attempt to lowering my Stock VT 99, Going to purchase SSL fronts SSSL rears , KYB struts n shocks. Might be a stupid question but will the parts come with new hardware and if not am I best off buying new hardware. What else should/will I need...
  3. Pep998

    VT 1998 Commodore - Break light problem

    Hey guys needing some help brought a VT commodore and noticed the break lights weren't working after awhile , My tail lights work fine and blinkers ,changed fuses,globes and break switch also cruise control switch and still can't get the break lights to work. Anyone had this problem or know...
  4. Z

    After Market seat help.

    Hi all, I'm a novice car person, I am looking to put aftermarket SAAS Racing seats in my 1998 VT. The universal rails don't fit the vt unfortunately. I'm thinking of buying a plate of metal to bolt the original seat base then bolt the new seats the plate. I posted here hoping anyone has a...
  5. P

    Spluttering on idle

    Hey guys, I don’t know what’s going on but I ran out of fuel one time the other week and I manage to get a kick so I revved the car a bit and it sounded like a hose blew. Ever since then whenever I sit idle is starts to splutter and sounds irregular. I have a Vt Executive S2. Thanks in advance
  6. B

    VT SS blowing main fuse (SOLVED)

    Hi i bought a vt ss a few days ago and everything was fine untill yesterday i went to start the car and and all power went out, checked fuses and the main fuse (60amp) has blown, replaced with another and tried again, blew once more. Not sure whats cauing this to happen but cant drive the car...
  7. R

    Paint restoration VT

    Hey all, wasn’t sure where to post this thread so chose the VT one... I have a Calais with a rough body - clear coat peel/paint fade, so I wanted to try restore it as a side job. I’ve copied links to an album so you can see the state it’s in... I wanna do most work myself but I don’t know...
  8. T

    VT commodore loose of power

    Hi all. Recently my vt has lost a significant amount of power, you put your foot to the floor and it just revs our and dosnt go anywhere you can almost feel the car pulling back on you. I have recently changed plugs, leads (from a donor car), fuel filter. Also recently changed power steering...
  9. Lingsmith633

    Raven B171 VT CALAIS: Thoughts?

    I’ve put ss foggies in instead of the Calais ones as they were shagged, just wanted to know peoples thoughts?
  10. M

    Want blown up l67

    Hi all me again if someone could move this post to the right spot that would be awesome as I've got no idea. As some of you may know I've recently put a new ecotec into my Calais. Shes a beauty with only 193.000 on it and it runs great. I've been throwing around the idea of putting a l67 top end...
  11. M

    Want a stock full l67 system from headers back

    Hi all again, just posting an add wanting some help on the gold coast region, I'm just wondering if anyone has a stock l67 twin system exhaust from the headers back? You know like where the y piece is on the ecotec on the l67 it's a twin cat and stays twin the whole way down. If anyone has...
  12. M

    Vt calais engine swap questions

    Hey guys, I understand this has probably been asked before but I've just joined "just Commodores" and have a quick question. So I'm replacing the motor on my calais as it has finally let go after 360.000ks and a full day of hooning on the track. I'm just wondering when you separate the motor...
  13. C

    Vibration when accelerating to 60

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but please correct me and I will move it. There is vibration when accelerating and going 60 in my 98 VT, the car has been in an accident but it only started happening since I got a new crank angle sensor installed does anyone know what it could...
  14. S

    Vt commodore rear tail lights and brake lights not working!!!

    Hey guys, I've tried checking the fuses to the rear parkers and brake lights and I replaced them, I also have changed the globes but it's still not working. Does anybody have any ideas of what this problem could be? My licence plate lights and reverse lights are still working.
  15. M

    Vt 304 into VL

    after some advice or anything I might need to know Bought a VT ss with the 304roller motor and T5. Wanting to put into my VL My questions; -Will my VL power steering rack fit? If not will the vt rack fit? -What K frame will I need? Can I use the VT k frame?
  16. Edimu

    Vy engine

    Hi all, bought a supposed VY 3.8 ecotec from the wreckers, but it's got a different sump from the VY (no gearbox bolts at bottom) and also had different headers from my VY ones. The engine number is VH841229. Any idea what it's out of? Cheers
  17. A

    VT Commodore Stalling & Sieging

    Hey all , I’ve got a VT Commodore (1998) everything on it is still origininal from its built date. I’ve been having problems with it stalling, feeling like it’s got a loss of power and it’s sieging. I’ve taken it to my local mechanic and he’s cleaned out my throttle body so far but when he did...
  18. VTSS Adelaide

    Vt ss ls1 cut out while driving now wont crank over

    Car was running fine then just cut out when i stopped i tryed starting it with no luck bypassed fuel relay still no luck ran a wire to fuel pump that worked. then the cranking suddenly stopped so i bypassed the starter relay and that worked but wont crank by key i changed all fuses and relays...
  19. Sandst4rm

    VT Throttle cable broken (another one)

    G'day guys So yes, i broke the flimsy plastic thread on my calais' throttle cable but that is not the point here. So i go down to repco at wingfield and pick up a new one with a metal thread, get home and pull the old one out and what's this... its too short. Next day i go back to repco and ask...
  20. K

    VT commodore manifold

    so im in he process of getting my manifols setup for a passenger sided turbo and the size im using for my manifold is 1 1/2” sced 40 for the main manifold but would that size be to small for the crossover pipe? Does the crossover pipe have to be a bit bigger because of all 3 cylinders connect to...
  21. P

    Vt recommended suspension set up

    Hey all, know this has probably been asked a few times but thought I’d try get a few new opinions Recently lowered my Vt sedan (IRS) sl fronts and ssl rears king spring all round. It rides fairy well but still stiff compared to some of the other lower cars I’ve been in. The shocks are worn and...
  22. S

    VT ESV eliminator

    Hi been looking all over Google not been able find any good info about my car know only few was made and was designed by Holden can't find any more info on it.
  23. I

    [TAS] Conversion

    Hey guys I recently brought a vt clubsport 5ltr 97 model and its auto, I'm wanting to convert in to manual but have no idea what sort of gearbox i should be putting in it, if i could have some suggstions, pros and cons that would be great thanks
  24. I


    Hey guys I recently brought a vt clubsport 5ltr 97 model and its auto, I'm wanting to convert in to manual but have no idea what sort of gearbox i should be putting in it, if i could have some suggstions, pros and cons that would be great thanks
  25. NovaSmic

    VT Senator Signature 1998 with ABS light on

    Hi Guys, Need some help I have a 1998 VT Senator Signature 220i it has the ABS light on. I have a snap on scan tool and its showing 2 fault codes under the ABS 08 NO Serial Data From ABS/ETC 05 LPG Sender Short Circuit (my car doesn't have LPG fitted) any help would be great thanks
  26. S

    Lower front control arms VS same as VT?

    Just had a pre safety certificate check on a VS I have been give. My sister had it from new. Needs a bit of suspension work. Car has done about 160k all in town. I guess the low usage may have contributed to the degeneration of the bushes. Are the front control arms the same as a VS, as I cannot...
  27. V

    Wanted - VT GTS

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: I am searching to buy a HSV VT GTS Series 1. Must be in excellent condition with low owner history. Open to manual or auto, and colour. LOCATION: ACT CONDITION: Used DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Will pay for shipping or travel to location anywhere in...
  28. I


    Okay I have a 1999 vt commodore. Be patient with me as I'm not much of a car nut. But my rear left blinker is really dim. Every other blinker works fine it's just that one. I've checked the ground and it clean. I've checked my fuses they are all good. I'm just thinking maybe it could be my...
  29. A

    Headunit won't turn on

    Got a pioneer deh-2250ubg head unit Not sure if it's the headunit or the acc wire is not connected When I turn the key the head unit wont turn on I have to press the power button on the headunit itself. Works fine then. But the settings for the equalizer is not saved. Any ideas on what the...
  30. Jerry Keat

    VT commodore V6 high speed vibration

    my 2000 Vt sedan has a high speed vibration. Most pronounced at 90-100 km/h. Pulls to the left despite recent front end alignment & tyre switch. Tyres are new. Recon tail shaft fitted last week. Any ideas? thanks for your help..
  31. R


    Hi guys My VT commodore front doors make a loud creaking/clunking sound when opening and closing. How can I fix this? Have tried lubication with no success. heard this was a common issue. looking forward to your replies thx Ragtag
  32. J

    should i get my VT on gas, or does it just cause problems?

    heard many different and read many different things from heaps of different people and just want a proper answer, it's causing lots of grief.