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vt acclaim

  1. B

    Another VT Ignition barrel thread...

    Hi guys, I know you've heard it all before but I'm really stuck and thanks in advance for any help/advice you can offer. Okay problem is my fault for constantly saying I'll fix it next weekend and never actually getting around to it. So tonight the ignition barrel in my VT Acclaim ****...
  2. S

    vt handbrake light on dash

    the hand brake is down but the light is coming up on my dash and beeping every couple of minutes, is there a fuse or something that may need changing for this to stop?? please help..............................
  3. N

    Colour choices

    Ok so I'm getting an ss bodykit for my series II acclaim and am stuck on whether to just paint the kit the original colour which is kind of a metalic orangy colour(not to sure of the actual name) or get a full respray in a different colour. I was thinking a black, red or poison ivy green.