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vt clubsport

  1. C

    Vt clubsport full senator options factory?

    I have a clubsport vt series 1. It has full senator options? Has anyone heard or seen this before and what are the down falls?
  2. JakeysVT

    My 6.8L VT Clubby

    My Clubby has come a long way since i first bought it as a bog stocker 5.7L with its catback but it now has : Engine : 6.8L Stroker Engine with manley 408 crank and oversize pistons 11.0:1 Compression Ratio 1.81 ration Howards Roller Rockers, Hardened Pushrods, Howards TieBar...
  3. X

    can i take the running gear bodykit and seats out of a ve gts and put it on my vt

    i just brought a written off ve gts and want to know if i can put the bodykit , seats and running gear in my vt clubbie or should i just buy a ve