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vt s pack


    VT-S pack: p plater's pride and joy :D check it out!

    VT S p-plater - Check it out! Name: Matt G Model: Holden Commodore VT S-Pack II 2000 Engine: 3.8 Ecotec V6 Colour: Bermuda Blue Rims: 16" VT S-Pack rims (stocks) Transmission: Auto Price: $6000 Km's: 150,000 Mods car already had: - window tint - tow bar External Visual Mods: -...

    remove centre caps

    Hey Guys, Was looking at my VT S-pack stock rims and was curious what they would look like without the centre caps. Can i just take a screwdriver and pop the centre cap off where the gap is?? (can fit a finger in the gap on the cap) Thought id ask in advance as i dont wanna crack it or...

    VT-S Pack 5 mags + new tyres, what will i get?

    Hey all, Since my last car got written off I now have a commodore VT-S pack. I was just wondering what sort of money I'd be looking at if i sold my wheels? They are the stock VT S-Pack Series II 16" rims. 5 rims + 5 tyres. Probably a little bit of a scrape here and there, but nothing...
  4. luvaofcarz

    What diff does a Series 1, 1998 VT S pack have?

    Hey Guys, I am just wondering what diff is in my Series 1, VT S pack. I am interested in changing it and am just wondering whether: 1) it is worth changing the diff gears 2) whether or not my diff is the IRS or the LSD as well. Is there any way I can tell? Thanks.