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vt series 1

  1. M

    I really need help

    So I have a problem with my Vt Berlina ... I thought I did my head gasket but it turned out it was a split heater hose, I changed the hose and heater tap I did a service other than spark plugs and leads I did some interior work new door cards and have been trying to fix the door handles as they...
  2. E

    VT - torn wires to rear door

    Hi all Just figured out why a rear door central locking and power window failed = torn B-pillar wires sticking out of their broken boot. Is there any illustrative or other guide on how to replace the loom / remove door skin / etc? Is there a difference between VT Series 1 and Series 2 looms...
  3. luvaofcarz

    Fitting VY Steering Wheel into VT Series 1

    I am just wondering if anyone has fitted a VY Steering Wheel into a VT Series 1, I know that it has been done in series 2 and vx, but is the clock spring the same as the VX? If not can a VY Clock spring fit into VT Series 1. Also currently I dont have steering wheel controls, but if I get a VY...