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vt series 2

  1. CatchUpNextTime

    What should i do here with me VT good people of just commos forums?

    Sorry just commos i posted this in showcase because i am an idiot and didn't read the new member instructions re new threads. I want to know what to do with this thing. It's not my daily although i take it to work now and again just to give it a run. I kinda need some cash but it owes me more...
  2. bgcarter1

    [NSW] F/S 1999 HSV VT CLUBSPORT Manual

    ITEM: 1999 HSV VT CLUBSPORT 250kw 6 speed manual PRICE: 10000 firm LOCATION: NSW Mid north coast YEAR: 1999 SERIES: VT S2 BADGE: Clubsport ENGINE: LS1 (not including mods) TRANSMISSION: 6 speed Manual COLOUR: Metallica dark blue EXTERIOR CONDITION: good INTERIOR...
  3. N

    Vt series 2 Speakers

    hey there i have a series 2 Vt and was wondering if i would be able to fit 6x9's in the doors also how would i go about wiring up 6x9's in the parcel shelf and a sub in the boot