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vt series ii

  1. VTL67Calais

    6.35 insulator for l67, does anyone know about spacers needed etc

    Hi im ordering a inlet gasket, 82c thermo and some other things, does any one know if the $95 insulator 6.35 needs these extra parts and if so how much and where to order? I ask as it says on site What's Included? Our 6.35mm thick manifold insulator, providing users with installation...
  2. P

    radiator fush on vt coolant backfire. (cant think of anything else to call it)

    i was just flushing my mums radiator on her vt commodore before and as everything was looking good and i was about to put it all backtogether the was a dull popping noise like it makes when sucking the coolant through the thermostat, but the coolant started popping back out the top hose. i...
  3. S

    HELP! looking at buying vt calais. cant decide. sunroof or full leather?

    first car metallic dark blue series I calais clean as sunroof second car tungsten mica series II clean apart from a couple small scraches full leather interior wood grain dashboard Had a look at redbook and it says that the series II has auto levelling suspension. what is it? the...
  4. S

    VT Series II Modification

    Hi everyone. I am looking to purchase a few mods for my VTII V6 and I was wondering if anyone could post back with some helpful suggestions as to which particular part or brand best suits each category. The following type of mods will be bought and everyone's own personal opinion would be...