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vt ss

  1. N

    Radiator change issues - please help!!

    Hi, I've got a m8 putting in a radiator from a m8's crashed V8 VU (I think)6lt ute into my 5.0 VT SS. It doesn't have a fill cap on top of it, it looks to have fed from a reservoir only - where as mine had a reservoir bottle to the right of the radiator & a fill cap on top of radiator. We're...
  2. B

    VT SS rims.. plastic trims

    hi all.. newbie here. I have vt ss rims on my VS acclaim. My question is.. 1 section of the plastic cover has broken, so I need to know if this can be replaced.., or how to remove all the remaining pieces. Any advice appreciated
  3. F

    Vt SS manual gear stick.

    I recently got a VT SS 5L manual and the gear stick pushes down and when it does that it doesn't go into gear at all. I've asked around and no one knows what the rubber is called for it to stop doing it... It's so annoying. Can anyone help? Greatly appreciated :)
  4. M

    Electric features no longer working, bcm?

    HELLO EVERYONE, I have a vt ss 98 and one after another, now there are many other features not working, driver windows no longer auto goes up or down, rear demister not working at all, headlights auto off not working, and dash dimmer when u lower the light it switches all dash lights off...
  5. C

    VT SS Stalls on Idle when Hot

    Hey Guys I would presume this has been asked somewhere in here but I can't find it. I have a VT SS that I have just bought, all running great, problem now is that when its running at full temp (so over about 80 degrees) it stalls when its in idle (1st, Neutral, Reverse). When its NOT hot it...
  6. taylooor

    [VIC] Vt ss body kit for sale

    ITEM: VT SS body kit for sale. Good condition, few scratches and that but nothing that cant be touched up. Missing rear bumper as someone ran into me. Currently in blue but can be painted. My mate is also selling an immaculate condition rear bumper for only $70 therefore you could grab the whole...
  7. taylooor

    [VIC] Vt ss body kit for sale

    ITEM: VT SS BODY KIT FOR SALE. In good condition, few scratches etc but only on the under side. Its currently in blue but could easily be painted to match your car. Only downside is that this kit doesn't involve the rear bumper, its rat sh*t from when someone ran up my ass! I have a mate...
  8. B

    VT SS GEN3 starting problem?? please help

    Sorry if there is already a topic on this, but I did a search, found a couple and the problems are slightly different. OK so, I finally got myself a gen3 ss (VT series 2 auto) and drove it home from the seller (1.5hour drive with stop for fuel) not a problem in the world. The next couple of...
  9. taylooor

    Someone colour code my VT SS body kit for me!

    Hey guys, Im after someone to colour code my VT SS body kit to white (cant remember the colour code off the top of my head but I have it) Im in south-east Melbourne, And I already have a few quotes. Someone beat these quotes and do it for me for cheap? :) Cheers!
  10. taylooor

    In need of a courier service from Goulburn NSW to Melbourne VIC.

    Hey guys, Im buying a VT SS bodykit from a guy in Goulburn NSW, but I live in the south east suburbs of Victoria. Anyone know how I would go about organising a courier to get the job done? I've had a look at a few quotes online but it's hard to get an estimate due to the shape and...
  11. taylooor

    Thinking of doing this to my VT.

    Hey guys, Thinking of doing my stock standard VT up a bit. In the process of buying a VT SS body kit to replace the ugly blackish grey side skirts etc that are already on it. And this is the body kit I am going to buy. Do the blackish grey stock 'body kit' bits (as shown in picture 1) just...
  12. D

    Vt ss manual sale! Qld

    ITEM: Blue vt ss manual PRICE: $9000 LOCATION: Brisbane. QLD YEAR: 1999 SERIES: VT BADGE: SS ENGINE: Stock 5litre TRANSMISSION: 5 speed manual COLOUR: Dark blue (raven blue i think) EXTERIOR CONDITION: Excellent condition, just 1 little dent above petrol cap and same...
  13. D

    Vt ss revs

    Hey this is probly askd heaps but is 100kph at 2000rm pritty good? And also if i hold the revs at 3000-3500 rpm for a trip will this damage my engine at all? Cheers Dee Jay :hmmm:
  14. D

    Vt front bumper

    Hey, do i have to take the front bumper off to get the front lights? If so is it hard? And how are the spot lights wired? Do they just clip off? Cheers
  15. D

    Rear ended...

    Hey guys i got rear eneded last night and i was just wondering how much a vt ss rear bumper would cost? Oh and also the plastic covering on the boot (behind the number plate in between the back lights) that got all crackd up, how much would that cost? Cheers
  16. D

    VT SS Manual or VS SS Manual - How do I decide

    Hi all, Need some help if you please. Am currently saving up to buy myself an SS manual but am unsure whether I should get and VS Series 2 or a VT, by later September I'll have enough saved up. What I do know is that the VS Series 2 was by far the best from the VN to VS range. What I dont...
  17. L

    Help please!! VT SS have no engine spark?

    Went to start the car one morning and went to fire up, let go of ignition to early and stalled, now it wont fire up just keep's turnig over. Have checked all fuses and relay's, has spark from coil to dizzy but does not continue through the leads, checked dizzy to see if the rotar button was...
  18. jakstas

    Vt2ss m6 Twin Turbo Build

    Bout time i dropped some info on the old girl, so here goes. 2000 VT, Series 2, t56 6spd Manual 124,000k's Suspension: Full Pedders rebuild. Each and every bush replaced with Urathane. Extreme Adjustable coilovers. Whiteline swaybars, Pedders Strutbrace Diff: Replaced standard tired LSD with...
  19. C

    5.7 coughs and splatters when i put power into it.

    hi guys, I'm kinda new to all this, but i thought I'll give it a go, i have a 99 VT SS Gen3 auto, just had a HSV exhaust put in with extractors, but the problem that I'm having is when i got it back and decided to give it a bit of a thump it started to cough and splatter (with the odd "what...