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vt v8

  1. Drgt1974

    Vt s1 5 litre issue after new coolant temp sensor installed

    hi to all Thanks for reply’s to previous post Got a 97 Vt berlina wagon 5.0 Was getting fault code for ect unstable (coolant temp sensor) So replaced yesterday along with heater tap that was leaking all went well No leaks etc Lost bit of coolant so refilled and bled with car facing uphill heater...
  2. O

    VT V6 IRS Differential Strength

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me what the strength of the VT V6 differential is like. i am currently racing a VH commodore in off road racing with a toyota quad cam V8 in it. the diff is a HQ V8 salisbury with a 4.44 ratio and i am still finding this to be too weak. what i am wondering is...
  3. V

    vt clubby 195i

    vt clubsport 195i 5 speed manual standard tints lowered ssl kings front an back standard 17 inch rimz sound system pacemaker headers twin 2 1/2 inch exhaust in to single k&n filter pretty much stock at the mo.... getting new wheels 2morow hopefully