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  1. C

    Questions: 1997 VT Buggy project.

    My question is this, what is the very least i can run a 3.8l v6 with. By that i mean what electrics, (air con, stereo etc) can i remove feom the vehicle totally and still trick the bcm/computer, into still having the engine, power steering, abs etc, running, with some add ons like light bars...
  2. B

    WH Statesman Engine Light at 100km/h

    Hi, I used to be a member back when I owned a vp berlina, a few years and cars later, I'm back with a wh Statesman. In black. With a 5.7... Now, the car is great, besides the occasional creaking of the drivers side door. Something I've read up on and am yet to try to fix properly. Anyone know...
  3. G

    VT-VX Fitting a LSD DIff, 3.07 or 3.46?

    G-day. Well basically I am sick of the old Commodore diff and its single-pegger shenanigans. So I am looking to upgrade to a LSD Diff, however I cannot afford an aftermarket unit and so was looking for a used stock one. When browsing it seems that the most common ratios are 3.07, 3.08 and 3.46...
  4. J

    Will vz/VY rear springs vt/vx

    Just wanna know if rear springs and/or shocks from a VY/vz will fit In a vt??
  5. G

    VX Front suspension knocking/ Clunking after lowering and New Sway Bar Links.

    Hey all, Recently I lowered the front of my car by about 45mm (rear 60mm) and also replaced the standard sway bar links with aftermarket 'S' shaped ones. After doing so I have realised a very loud and definite knock/ clunk every time I go over bumps. It almost sounds as if the suspension hangs...
  6. stevebutler

    power window issue

    I have an annoying problem with the power windows. They work fine, but sqeak in their rubbers when fully up while driving over bumps, turning corners, etc, for a long while i thought it was the doors rubbing. They also rattle in the doors when down. Im trying to work out if its the window...
  7. bmarriott.live

    Replace headlights vx exe

    Just wondering if anyone can tell me the easyest way to remove the old headlights, so i can replace them with altezza's.
  8. S

    Inconsistant surge

    I really need some help!!! Basically it started off surging under load, now it does it all the time, on idle, cruising and i think I've even lost a bit of power. Ir has a lumpy idle, then randomly it coughs. I tried: •leads and plugs •coil packs and module •fuel filter •engine fault codes (...
  9. F

    VU Side mirror loose

    Hey all i've been seaching around for a while now but to no avail, the left mirror on my vu doesnt seem to have the impact spring attached (i realise its prob not called that), the previous owner has put a screw through the bottom of the housing to hold the mirror in place but i'd like to...
  10. H

    VT v6 conversion issues... wires don't like me

    Hi everybody, As i said wires don't like me, or my car for that matter. I have recently (extend that as far as months) began a conversion process on my VH 202, by putting a VT V6 into my car, i have used a pre made adapation loom from V6 Conversion Specialists that i got shipped down to vic...