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  1. M

    Vt 5ltr running lean help

    hi guys and girls first time poster just worndering if anyone has had the prob im having ive looked in the forums but no luck i have a 5ltr v8 berlina that stalls like its running out of fuel i can drive it just fine for about 10-20 kms in the morn on the highway nothing bad really happens...
  2. bennyboy91

    the Vt V6 memcal from mace engineering

    hi, still new to this lol.. so not sure if this is were i post! i recently purchased the memcal for my VT V6 Berlina from mace engineering for $150 and i couldnt be happier, just letting people know that it does everything they say!! so far ive noticed power gains, and significant fuel...
  3. N

    how can i find out what sort my VT is?

    gday i just bought a VT and it has no badges so i can't tell if its a executive or berlina or anythin. the badge says - General Motor Holden Automatic Limited Model - VT8VK69-114 Built - Sep97 Body No - L267543 ENG - LN3 Trim - 171...