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  1. B

    VT Gross Vehicle Mass + Other Weights

    G'Day all, I have recently picked up a cheapo VT that was for sale locally with Vic rego, to daily drive over here in SA. The car has passed a Tier 2 ID check, and am currently filling out the rego forms for SA. I have filled everything out except for 3 fields. On the form, I have to write...
  2. L

    Knocking in 2000 VT. Narrow down possibilities to see if it can be a diy job.

    Hey guys, new member. Long time browser. Forums have saved me hundreds in labor and misdiagnosis. But this current issue is a newbie for me. Everytime I drive. No matter if engine is hot or cold. Weather is hot or cold. Dry or wet. Whenever I engage moderate acceleration or turn left or...
  3. T

    VT LPG heater tap hose question?

    hey, got a 99 vt had a LPG conversion not factory, its a really dodgy setup wiring is ridiculous, whole setup pretty dodgy actually, anyways to the point. I never use LPG ever, but car has been over heating recently just found its one of the heater tap hoses is leaking its the one that runs to...
  4. E

    VT II chugging/chocking on start and low revs

    Gday, Started my vt commodore series ii exectutive v6 yesterday, it started chugging/choking and whole car was shaking, i noticed the revs were really low as usualy on start there at 1000rpm when itwas at like 400rpm and struggled to make its way up to 1000rpm, once got revs up it was a bit...
  5. J

    How to flush a radiator On vtii

    Howdy all. Just had a look under my radiator cap, and it's all brown sludge, stuck my finger in the radiator, even more brown sludge. So, I figure it's time to flush it and clean the bugger out. Only problem, I don't really know how? Sorry if this has been posted before, I couldn't...
  6. J

    Monaro (Pontiac gto) V vt commodore

    Hey guys. Im in the states visiting at the moment,was just wondering if I could get some parts for a monaro (Pontiac gto here) like; springs, shocks etc, that will fit on a VT?? Any help would be appreciated!!!! Cheers guys,
  7. J

    Lukey 2.5 catback, vt commodore not loud!!

    Hey all! I have a 2.5 (with res) on my 99 vt. It's got a nice note and all. But when I really put my foot down, it seems like the exhaust sound goes away, and the engine roar takes over. Anyone else experience this? All I want is a loud car!! Lol
  8. TheHutcho

    VT Boot question

    hey I was just wondering you know how it says Holden on the boot above the license plate, is it possible to change that to a different word because i want to put my nickname there Cheers Hutcho