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  1. byteme9

    engine fault code

    Fault code comes up it does 1 s pace then 2 but the fault light stays on any help
  2. T

    1999 VT Series II S-Pac Blue Mica

    Hi guys, Im new to this. Ive got a VT SII SPAC. Its blue mica. Ive just done the basic mods for now. Full sound system. -JVC Double Din -Front Sony Xplod w/tweeter -Read Sony Xplod 6.5 -Sony Comp Sub 1300w 12" -Audioline 2Channel 500w(temporary) Redback Catback 2.5" with twin 3"...
  3. D

    [Ecotec] VT S Commodore 2 1/2 inch Red back Pricing

    Hey guys I just got a quote today for a 2 1/2 inch red back From the headers with a new muffler (I think) With an oval angle commodore tip . For $430 , He said the noise would sit on 88 db to 91 and said id still give you a certificate saying that the noise is legal . I was wondering if...