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  1. S

    VT locks intermittently acting up

    as the title suggests guys i have a VT SS commodore and my locks are playing up. i replaced the battery, BCM and battery terminals and their still acting funny 99% of the time everything works beautifully, but maybe once or twice a week they stop working altogether and i gotta climb in...
  2. D

    Clubsport cupholders.

    Hi, my 2000 VT Clubbys center HSv Compartment lid no longer works, and as I do not have to the tool kit anyway I would like to fit the regular cup holder than every other VT/VX has. Can the two units simply be swapped out? Can I remove the compartment lid and fit a cup holder 'insert', or will...
  3. V

    VT/VX Dials

    Hey guys, Does anyone have any custom sorta dials in a VT or VX? Wondering if anyone has any of these kind of ones? And why not chuck yours in if you have different coloured LED's or anything. Show us what ya got!
  4. YMY-70Y

    [ACT] VT/VX Parts, HSV Garnish, Spoiler and bootlid - Tiger Mica

    ITEM: 1.HSV Rear Spoiler x2 (one Bermuda Blue) 2.HSV Garnish x2 (one Bermuda Blue) 3.Bootlid x 2 (one Bermuda Blue) 4.VT Headlights 5.VT S pac Rear bumper + Side skirts ***Sold*** 5.VT S pac front bumper ***Sold*** 6. Door cards, orange inserts ***Sold PP*** 7. S pac Seats, orange patterned...
  5. U

    01 VU Ute Surging/Splattering HELP

    Hey all, I have owed my Ute for 3 years now and in the past 4 months it has started coughing/splattering/surging. It seems to happen mostly between low revs at about 3000rpm. after the first couple weeks i started changing things here and there to fix the problem; Items changed; -oil...

    VT Memcal where/who can do it?

    Hey, looking to get a memcal tune, car runs on premium, has hurricane extractors and catback system as well as K&N Filter. VT S-Pack SERIES II V6 Ecotec 3.8L engine. Anyoen knwo a good place in North Brisbane to do them or a person on here that can, Delcowizarrd said he couldn't do a VT...