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vx 2001

  1. B

    VX Berlina V6 Auto Diff

    Hello all, I recently broke the spider gears in my diff (Most likely) and my mechanic said that it’s cheaper to find a new diff from a wreckers than to repair the gears.? So I was wondering exactly what diff is in the series 1 VX Berlina V6 Auto’s? On another note what is a stronger diff that...
  2. B

    VX series 1 or series 2

    I’m just wondering how to tell what series VX Berlina I have, as I can’t find a definitive answer online. I want to upgrade the exhaust to a Catback with hotdogs and from what I can find online the series 1 only has one cat near the floor pan and the series 2 has two cats.? All the Catback pipes...
  3. C

    [VIC] Vx taillights

    Hi there I’ve got a 2001 vx commodore and just bought some aftermarket tail lights off a 2001 vx ss and got home and didn’t realise that the tabs on the globe socket don’t match up to the tail lights. What can I do?
  4. T

    VF interior in VX

    Hey guys. My VX Calais interior has seen better days and I’m looking to upgrade to VF HSV interior. I know the front seats I would need the VF rails and I’m happy to have the front seats fixed to my height and not be able to use the electronic components that’s fine with me. I’m not 100% sure on...
  5. T

    Calais question

    Howdy everyone. Brand new to the site and not very knowledgeable when it comes to cars. Looking for an answer to my dilemma. Driving the other day and I had to brake reasonably firmly at a set of lights. On takeoff I heard an increasingly loud knocking from the front left of the car as if...
  6. B

    Trouble shooting.

    Hi all, Can anyone throw their thoughts in on what my problem may be. My VX has been giving me a lot of greif lately, between trouble starting it to ruff idle, to just driving like rubbish in general at the moment. I took her into the mechanic and they replaced the crank angle sensor (seemed to...
  7. R

    Electrical Gremlins after reinstalling motor - VX2 SS commodore

    Hi everyone, I need some advice. Last night I got my vx started back up for the first time after rebuilding the engine. I am now experiencing some issues today that I cannot seem to get my head around. Here are the symptoms when I turn the car on: Trac Off, Check Engine Light, oil light...
  8. H

    Will a VX calais bumper fit onto a berlina???

    Hey guys, I was thinking about putting a VX calais bumper front and rear onto my VX berlina, will there be any problems with doing it, will my stock headlights be fine Also if I put on front and rear bumpers will it look weird without having the side skirts aswell? Thanks heaps
  9. L

    Speedometer LCD screen halogen neo bulb polarity

    Quick question regarding the polarity for the LCD screen green bulbs on the speedometer for a VX Berlina 2001. Does anyone know the orientation of the bulbs for positive and negative? (have attached a photo) The bulbs have tiny markings, one which has a H and the other with the number 2 Am...
  10. R

    Code testing vx wagon

    How do i do this
  11. T


    Hi guys&gals. I am new to this forum. I just purchase an OBD-II for my (Vx commodore 2001 V6 3.8L) - (from jaycar https://www.jaycar.com.au/obd-ii-engine-code-reader-with-bluetooth-technology/p/PP2145 ) A couple of questions. 1. Should this work? 2. If so have you figured out how to get it...
  12. J

    Vx to vy side mirror?

    just wondering if anyone knows if the loom for the vy side mirrors are the same as the vx? Will the go straight on and still work fine? Thanks in advance
  13. A

    Shaking front end 2001 vx

    Hey guys ive got a 2001 vx and ive just replaced the lower control arms and all brakes and rotors but now i have a shake in the front end while driving i can feel it through the steering wheel and if i let go of the wheel i can see it what can cause this?
  14. F

    Radiator replacement (single vs dual cooler)

    Hey mates and good evening, I will have to replace the radiator on my Holden Commodore VX Calais 2001, V6 (automatic). The former radiator has as dual transmission Oil cooler, meaning the transmission Oil will run through the radiator twice. I do have a same size VT - radiator on hand that I...
  15. G

    [VIC] Holden VX Acclaim Wagon Swap to VX Sedan Acclaim or Berlina

    DESCRIPTION: Swap a VX Sedan Acclaim V6 or Berlina V6 (High Kms with Good condition motor/auto/body/interior, Rego more then 6 months, tow bar) ITEM: 2001 Holden VX Acclaim wagon, Orange LOCATION: Elmore VIC CONDITION: Used, Good condition Motor/Auto/wheels and Body/interior...
  16. boomer03

    Mystery not starting problem

    Hi all. Been a long time since I've been here. Lost my VK in the divorce. Sigh... Anyway, daughters VX V6 wagon has a starting problem. It won't start immediately. She has to put the key in and turn the ignition on, then wait for 6 minutes. I don't know why 6 minutes, but it will then start...
  17. V

    VX 2001 SS Sedan - Camber / Wheel scraping noise

    Hi there, I have a VX 2001 SS - Sedan, on 18" and is lowered (all existing before camber kit - with no problems) then i got the camber kit done by Holden about a month ago (due to excessive trye wear - the usual camber problem). The problem is 2 days ago I drove about 400km with no...