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vx calais

  1. Ashy2

    Vx ls1 Black smoke

    Hey guys, My brother in law recently Acquired a vx Calais with a Ls1 including; Vcm 710 cam Fuel cell with 60L raceworks tank and Bosch o44 pump Gfb fuel reg 2800 high stall converter When he’s taken it for a ‘drive’ it’s started Playing up, and throwing black smoke out the rear, we’ve been...
  2. 2000 VX Calais V6

    2000 VX Calais V6

    Hi everyone, I thought I'd share some photos of my old daily drive, my 2000 VX Calais V6. As per the log books, this was originally a GM-H executive car from Holden Ltd in Victoria. I'm told that's why the red round Holden sticker is on the windscreen too. I purchased the car for $11,500 in...
  3. O

    Vx Calais (Supercharge v6) Auto to manual conversion

    I recently bought a Vx calais as i got it very cheap off my cousin, i really like the car and am excited to do some work on it, but im not keen on having an automatic, what kind of task is it to convert it to manual. Can do the work myself. Thanks in advance
  4. M

    Hyrolocked Supercharged VX Calais

    I recently took my VX Calais out bush and through a river crossing if near waist high water. Gunned it through but coming out the other side the dreaded sound of the motor stopping. Sucked up water through the air box as I didn't have the air snout on that goes over the top of the radiator. I...
  5. Miickyy

    Vx to Vz interior pillar upgrade. With lights

    G'day boys. I got my self a Vz calais rooflining and pillars in black to do the conversion in my Vx ss. Best thing I've ever done love the black look over the beige crap it had. My question is it also came with the map light sunglass holder which I've fitted everything in looks great. The Vz...
  6. O

    Possibly a Water Pump issue VX

    Hi all, Looking to confirm - got home last night to find that the VX had a puddle of water dripping from under it. Not radiator or hoses. However, I saw that it was dripping from the front end underneath the serpentine belt off of the front end of the oil sump. Couldn't see any water...
  7. K

    VX windows not working

    Im helping a friend with his VX Calais, his windows went down and wont return. Ive checked the fuse which is fine and getting power, checked the relay which is getting power but no power at the console switch. Ive replaced both the fuse and relay just to be sure. The relay doesn't click at all...
  8. L

    rear seat from newer model?

    Did a search and couldn't find anything, forgive me if i missed something. I was wondering if there was a back seat from any newer cars that would fit into a vx calais? I put a leather vs calais back seat into a vn berlina once when i was a bogan 19 year old and it lined up and sat in fine...
  9. D

    VX Calais Vacuum Problem

    I have a vx calais that i recently purchased clean car just runs really rough i checked the fault codes and it came up there is a vacuum leak but cant find where can some one please help me i need to find where the leak is but lack the knowledge can someone please give me a list of the vacuum...
  10. T

    L67 Fix or Replace? (vx supercharged)

    I have an l67 but have just blown the head gasket, my mechanic said no point fixing the motor itll never be the same just to replace, but im having a real hard time trying to source a motor for under $3000, would a reconditioning be cheaper and more effective?
  11. Vxcalaisv8

    VX Calais 5.7L rough Rwkw estimate?

    I know it's hard to estimate the rwkw without it being dyno tested. But my Vx Calais has a 5.7L V8, 2.5" x-force twin exhaust system with catbacks and extractors. Stage 2 shift kit, Ls1 edit and a CAI. Just wondering if anyone with similar mods has had their car tested and give me a rough number?
  12. M

    VX Calais - electric window issue

    Hi all, I've recently discovered a problem with the front passenger window of my 2002 VX V8 Calais. The electric motor is making all the right noises, but the window has somehow fallen out of what was actually holding it in! By that I mean, you can grab the window by your hands, and...
  13. A

    Vx throttle issues

    Whenever i start the car it can start from inbetween 2k-4k revs. when i looked at the throttle body on engine one of the cables seems very streched, how can i fix this?
  14. andrews0604

    VX calais spare tyre well filling up with water?!?! helppp

    hey guys, i have a vx calais and as we all no there known for leaking water. i understand they get water trapped in the garnish, but mine is a little more severe then that, my hole spare tyre will fill up with water literally the water can be as high as the tyre if not drained, which seals or...
  15. andrews0604

    [Ecotec] VX manual conversion 5 speed steps/guides??? anyone got anything?

    Im kinda new to this forum so excuse me if this is in the wrong section or something, i have bought a complete vx 5 speed conversion kit for my calais, and plan to do it myself, was hopeing someone would have some information or steps on how to do this. As i have an idea but would like to be...
  16. hwy747

    [NSW] WANTED: VX Calais front bar + foglights

    DESCRIPTION: Wanted to buy ITEM: I am looking for a VX Calais front bar and fog lights and fog light bezels. Is anyone out there selling them or know someone who is? LOCATION: SW Sydney but can travel CONDITION: New or Used ... doesn't bother me DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION:I will...
  17. T

    Panther's Wicked VS

    Hey all! I've been lurking around these forums for ages now, reading and learning as much as i can about our fantastic cars and i figured its about time for me to show mine off. Hell, some of you have probably helped create her in your own way from some of your posts! So i picked her up 4...
  18. V

    VX calais supercharged engine into VS Statesman

    hi just wondering if anyone can help me out... i've got a supercharged VX calais engine sitting in my shed waiting to be fitted into my VS Statesman series 1. the s/c engine currently has the VX wiring harness attatched and i just wanted to know if there was an aftermarket computer that would be...