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vx commodore

  1. T

    Power issue

    My battery light come up the other say and after driving 5 minutes my dash light up like a Christmas tree. Then it happened again, the second time it happened I was bringing my car to a stop and dash lights up again and car died. Was a fuel issue so replaced fuel pump and fuse and all seemed...
  2. Robby Bobby

    VX commodore air con

    Hi, New to this so bear with me. I have a VX series 1. The air conditioner compressor bearing are worn badly. I don’t want to replace so I bypassed the air compressor drive belt using a VS commodore non air con model drive belt which fits perfectly (this was suggested to me by a local mechanic)...
  3. S

    VX Commodore Window Jammed.

    Anyone replaced their window regulators before? My driver’s window is jammed and after taking off the door card looks like this is the issue. Is it a hard job to do? I found a replacement set here https://www.onlineautoparts.com.au/products/ZPN-14306 just want to make sure I am capable of doing...
  4. S

    VX Commodore Indicator Stalk

    Hey Guys, My indicator stalk is worn feeling raggedy. Has anyone used the cheaper ones you can find on eBay or is there a brand you guys suggest? I would need one for a Series 1 with cruise control.
  5. F

    Wh 8-way into Vx Exec

    now before I start I just wanted to say that yes I have searched this topic quite thoroughly and I’m bloody stumped, I have a blue leather drivers seat out of a wh Statesman with the memory function and I can’t get it to function, at all, it has an 11 wire plug and I have tried so many wire...
  6. Gw33dz

    VX Commodore Another Power Window Dilemna

    G'day. Bought a second hand VX S Pac. Had a drivers window problem. I bought new window regulator sliders and went to install them. Both of the old sliders were snapped but the drama is this... The window was stuck down but the regulator arms with the ball joints on the end were extended all...
  7. holdencallous

    vx commodore sub mounting?

    hey guys, I recently bought a new sub for my car and I would like to mount it with brackets to stop it from sliding into **** and moving about, I however can’t find any information on what is underneath the floorpan and I don’t want to drill into something that will stuff the car. Any...
  8. V6formethx

    VX Dual Fuel (Aftermarket) DTC57 Injector Monitor Line problems

    Hi all, and thanks in advance if you are even reading this, let alone able to offer assistance. I have never come across and issue with these motors I haven't resolved myself, but this has me absolutely stumped after months of trying to figure it out. Issue: Engine light comes on after a...
  9. C

    URGENT 2001 vx manual idle problem

    Im looking for help as my 2001 vx V6 5 speed manual idles higher then normal, when started it idles at about 1500 for a bit even with clutch fully pushed in, several mechanics cant seem to help and it has me confused can anyone of you help me, i will give more details if needed
  10. G

    VX loses power running on petrol, fine on gas

    picked up my Grans VX a couple of weeks ago, done 55000km dual fuel and in overall great condition. Has been running well the last few weeks on gas and petrol, but the last few days running on petrol, it’s suddenly lost power, engine was still running but wouldn’t rev over 2500 and had to pull...
  11. xev_

    2001 VX Berlina - Ignition/Startup issue

    Hey guys, Issue 1: So I've got a bit of a weird one, roughly 5 days ago I noticed when I started my car at the end of the day (commuting back home) my car's RPM sorta fluttered and "lost power" so to speak as I pulled from the curb to drive away (it so far hasn't occurred when driving on the...
  12. Stef-vy

    Headlight not working but the globes good?

    Hey guys, I have a vx 2001 and it has Monaro headlights and tailights, no issues with the back but front headlight on the left side has completely killed both of the normal driving lights in only the left side, but it still works on high beam? I'm confused and worried it's a bad wiring...
  13. Stef-vy

    Freaking out!! Oil on top of gearbox?!

    I've noticed lately my vx commodore v6 has been using the oil more often than usual, dipstick was just under add and low. and I pulled it in the yard last night and popped the bonnet and I could see splashed oil all over the gearbox and back end part of the engine bay.. a bit scary is this my...
  14. M

    Adding foot well LED

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased led strips to put in my front foot wells and I want to connect them up to my dome light, so when I open my door they will come on too. But to be honest I have no clue how to connect them up or which wire it is. Can someone please help? thank you
  15. P

    [VIC] Basics for a newbie

    Hey guys, While always interested in Holdens, I really know jack**** about anything technical related (to cars in general) I previously owned a VS wagon that was a gem to me for 8 years. Died at 460,000 due to my poor maintenance and understanding I just bought a 2000 VX wagon acclaim with...
  16. DeathSammich

    L67 Rebuild URGENT!

    Okay Ive put an l67 in my VT commodore that I bought and went to put the belts on but the pulleys are wrong! The belts don't fit on properly, some pulleys look smaller such as the idlers under the coil packs than what they are on pictures. The main pulley is the idler pulley next to the AC...
  17. M

    Vx Commodore battery light came on and then lost all power

    Hi guys I was driving my vx Commodore home this afternoon when I started losing acceleration looked down and noticed battery light was on I then lost power steering and had to pull over car immediately died and now won't start. It seems like it's trying to kick over but then shakes and dies...
  18. J

    Aftermarket Head Unit Install HELP

    Hi, I'm trying to install a Sony Xav-68bt headunit into my Vx commodore. I'm new to car electrics and have a few questions. First, I have both the Aerpro VX commodore and Sony specific AV connectors. I get that this should be a simple plug and play install, but I'm unsure if the amp trigger wire...
  19. S

    No air-con pressure in 2002 vx commodore

    Hi, there seems to be no air flow from the air-conditioner when it is on recycle but on fresh air there is air flow. Just wondering if there is a cabin air filter that needs replacing? If not, what could be the cause of the problem? Thanks in advance, Steven
  20. J

    How to spool diff vx

    This is a burnout car I have read most of the hate about spools I just want to know if theres a video or how to do it or if someone could run me step by step through it. I have the diff out of the car because I put lsd in it but I burnt that out so Im spooling the open center to put back in. I...
  21. M

    Electric windows child lock not working

    I went to use my child lock for my electric windows today as I had a friends daughter in the back seat and I soon found out that it doesn't work when a month or so ago it did. Can anyone give me any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks
  22. VXPL

    Ecotec Problem Has Me Stumped

    Hi guys, I've had a bit of a strange problem with my VX the last few months that I haven't been able to solve and I'm wondering if anyone has encountered the same thing as I haven't been able to find any info on it. Whats happening is once everytime I start the car and drive off somewhere I'll...
  23. 0

    Lowered Springs?

    I've got a 01 VX Commodore sitting on 16" VX S pac alloys and want 99% of my wheel gap gone and was wondering what would be the best springs to throw in and still have a legal ride?
  24. M

    VX Commy

    Model - VX Holden Commodore Year - 2002 Body - Sedan Colour - White Interior - Standard Engine - 3.8l V6 Ecotec Engine Mods - Stock Body Style - Executive Wheels - Factory 15 inch Steel Tyres - P205/65 R15 95H
  25. TRAV84

    2001 VXII Commodore driving sluggish & revs too high after mechanical work

    The car in question: 2001 VXII V6 Lumina at 190,000km Ok, so after spending almost $2000 getting all the problems fixed on my car, I have a new major one. Firstly, it's had a general service, new tyres, new brakes, tie rod ends, centre bearing, rack boots, bushes, suspension repairs, etc etc...
  26. R

    [Ecotec] L67 supercharger rotor issue

    #Supercharger rotors flaking metal Guys anyone ever seen this before?# Ride is Supercharged 3.8 VX.# I had an overheating issue recently due to blown head gasket. As i pulled top end down, i noticed the chrome coating on blower rotors was peeling and flaking off.# All this coating was...
  27. R

    Supercharger rotors flaking metal

    Guys anyone ever seen this before? Ride is Supercharged 3.8 VX. I had an overheating issue recently due to blown head gasket. As i pulled top end down, i noticed the chrome coating on blower rotors was peeling and flaking off. All this coating was sucked all through the valves and...
  28. R

    VX Head gaskets replacement

    Hey people. I have a VX Supercharged L67. Just wondering if i need to replace head bolts whilst replacing head gaskets? Thanku for any advice.
  29. C

    2001 VX Commodore HVAC LED Install - PLEASE HELP

    Hey.. Call me an Idiot but... I Just bought my first car (2001 VX Commodore) and wanted to do a full LED conversion.. I have now done everything except for the HVAC unit which I have no clue about.. The LED's I recieved in the kit (wich I am told they are the right ones) will definitely not...
  30. F

    2002 Manual VX V6 commodore URGENT HELP NEEDED

    hey guys new too this forum but PLEASE currently sitting in my mates garage trying too change the head gasket on his vx commodore CANNOT FIND ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING LIKE A TUTORIAL VIDEO OR ANYTHING Was wondering if anyone could please help us out and either send the link too a tutorial on how...
  31. N

    What's Better VX Super6 or ls1

    Hey guys looking at buying a new car, looking at a VX or a VY, I had my mind set on getting an LS1, but have multiple conflicting views, saying i should consider a L67 super6 instead, now the points I'm looking for are - Power comparisons (of course!) - Fuel Economy - Engine Longevity and...
  32. A

    vx commodore cruise control turns off when not engaged

    hi guys i looked everywhere but i could not find a fix to the problem for the last week or so i have noticed that my cruise control turns off when not engaged and will not turn back on until i turn the car off and on but when it is engaged it has no issues i have checked the brake cruise...
  33. W

    VX/VU Climate Control Conversion

    Hey guys, So I have a friend who is stripping his VX Berlina wagon and I was wondering if it would be easy to swap his climate control unit into my VU ute to replace the standard AC. Also how would I do this best?? Cheers Julian
  34. N

    Need HELP - tuning system issue

    Hey guys, hows things. I have finished up a system which i transplanted from my old car and had stored for a year or more before putting the subs into the VX. Had to get all new splits and 2 more amps. Ok my issue is , this . I have a pioneer AVH5650bt head unit prior to that i had a...
  35. C

    Auto transmission extension seal change and fluid flush

    Hello gents, I need some advice. My VX auto transmission extension housing seal is leaking and I plan to replace it. The tailshaft centre bearing also needs replacing as it is splitting. My plan is to remove the tailshaft and replace the centre bearing and the extension housing seal...
  36. C

    Engine mount replacement on VX Commodore

    Hello All, I wanted to share my experience with changing the engine mounts on my VX. An inspection had revealed that they had sagged quite badly (after 345,000 km!) to the point where they would not be passed for rego. First up I'll admit that I had the luxury of an inspection pit, however...
  37. T

    VX with rough idle.... possible causes?

    Hi Guys, I recently bought a VX and yesterday it started idling roughly (about 700rpm) and on a number of occasions stalled on approaching a stop. Doesn't seem to have the power it had before. What are the possible causes for this? Being a single mum I'm not in a position to take to the...
  38. L

    Annoying idling noise... NEED HELP PLEASE!!!! It is driving my head in!

    Hi, I put up a YouTube video to show what the problem is below. Please check it out and let me know. I have got a 13yo V6 VX Commodore with 103000kms. Recently a strange and annoying noise started from the front of the engine while it is idling. I am extremely sensitive to abnormal...
  39. C

    Vx commodore problem

    Hey I have a vx spac, I've had problems with the car cutting out while idiling and driving, I've already replaced the crank sensor so I know it's not that, I know also have my engine, abs and oil light all and when they are on my temp gauge sits cold and radiator fans start running. Usually when...
  40. V

    2001 VX, what is legal! Help!

    Looking at lowering and start working on my 2001 VX Commodore, im on my green p's and a lot of people have different opinions on what is legal to do to my car and what isn't. Hoping someone can clear a few things up that I've heard! 1- what is the lowest i can drop it? and what type of springs...