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vx manual

  1. Jack Shalavin

    Help - need service advice

    I'm the new (second-hand) owner of a Manual VX Commodore S Series II and also a new member of this forum. I have recently gotten it serviced and checked at Kmart Tyre and Auto Service and they have revealed some issues. Firstly the caster rod bushes need to be replaced which they are quoting me...
  2. F

    URGENT HELP 2002 v6 manual vx commodore

    really need a tutorial video on how too change the head gasket on my 2002 manual v6 vx commodore CANNOT FIND ANY TUTORIALS OR PICTURE INSTRUCTIONS OR ANYTHING pls help we have half of it out DESPERATE FOR some advice
  3. F

    2002 Manual VX V6 commodore URGENT HELP NEEDED

    hey guys new too this forum but PLEASE currently sitting in my mates garage trying too change the head gasket on his vx commodore CANNOT FIND ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING LIKE A TUTORIAL VIDEO OR ANYTHING Was wondering if anyone could please help us out and either send the link too a tutorial on how...