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vx s

  1. D

    VX 2001 S Ex Police Car Faulty Hazards

    Hi, I have a 2001 VX S ex police car. Neither the hazards or the indicators are working I have checked all the fuses and relays and replaced the hazard lights switch with no prevail. There is power to all the swiches. All the indicators flash when the car is locked and unlocked. Any help would...
  2. patto_505

    how to replace a quarter panel

    hey guys, just purchased and sprayed up my new front quarter panel but cannot find a how to on replacing it. had a go yesterday but gave up as it was well past beer o'clock and i had gotten no where. any help will be appreciated. cheers.
  3. N

    Nathaniel's VX S pack series 2

    Hey guys I'm pretty new to this ths site... just kinda gettin used to using it :P Just thought I'd show off my pride and joy... its not much but its a start... Name: Nathaniel Barra Age: 19 Model: 2002 VX S Pack S2 Colour: Red Engine: V6 Ecotec- Painted Engine Cover, 10mm Leads, Bosch...
  4. R

    2002 S2 VX S done 300,000kms

    Hey, looking at a 2002 s2 vx s pac that has done 300,000 kms just need some advice; Anyone had one or known or someone with so many kms? Is it worth buying? What would you expect to pay? I've been offered it at $6,500 It has some cosmetic issues according to the owner its been regularly...