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vx s2

  1. P

    My First Car

    Hi, I'm 17 years old and just got my P's. I have a '02 VX S2. I have just put a new Pioneer Head Unit in it and it sounds really good. I'm going to change the speakers and I also want to change the mags/rims. However, I'm still at school and only work part time. So I was just wondering if...
  2. R

    2002 S2 VX S done 300,000kms

    Hey, looking at a 2002 s2 vx s pac that has done 300,000 kms just need some advice; Anyone had one or known or someone with so many kms? Is it worth buying? What would you expect to pay? I've been offered it at $6,500 It has some cosmetic issues according to the owner its been regularly...
  3. Abrowne70

    [SA] F.S. 2001 VX S2 Berlina Wagon

    Selling on behalf of my old man. ITEM: 2001 VX S2 Berlina Wagon LOCATION: Adelaide, S.A. YEAR: 2001 SERIES: VX S2 BADGE: Berlina ENGINE: Stock 3.8l TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR: Dark Blue EXTERIOR CONDITION: Good, few chips here and there INTERIOR CONDITION: Very good...