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vx seat

  1. NeddyBear

    VX Acclaim aftermarket seat

    I've been searching for a VX Commodore seat but can't find one in very good condition so I'm wondering what are my other options. Are there aftermarket seats available that would meet the vehicles safety standards and if so who makes them.
  2. L

    VX Drivers seat stuffed and needs a replacment

    We have a larger framed mate who has just had the Lap Band fitted and we want to suprise him with a new seat for his VX S2 Acliam V6 sedan but all the seats weve already seen are also stuffed from normal wear and tear so I'm wondering what other model Commodore seat would fit the VX.
  3. T

    [VIC] Wtb: Vx calais rear seat

    Wtb: VX calais rear seat or WH statesman rear seat WTB: VX CALAIS REAR SEAT OR WH STATESMAN REAR SEAT DESCRIPTION: Wanted to Buy ITEM: VX or WH complete rear seat in any colour. Dont care if the fabric is ripped, torn etc. As long as the foams are in good condition as the seat will be...