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vx ss

  1. H

    Stock VX SS - Suggestions performance packages

    Howzit fellas, just bought a stock vx ss auto 175xxx ks. want angry v8 power and idle and sound like a v8 should - but still a nice daily, so keen to get it cammed, otr, 3inch xforce exhaust/headers n all that plus manual conversion. Any suggestions on what to get? Rough cost? Live in NZ near...
  2. N

    Dreading LS1 Misfire!

    Hello. My VX SS has a terrible misfire with a rough idle that is throwing no codes. Here are a few things I've noticed. 1: car starts right up, so I don't think that the fuel pump is bad 2: when it's idling rough and I try to press on the pedal, sometimes a loud popping noise comes out of...
  3. I

    Vx ss diff

    Hey guys just wondering if anyone has or is doing a change over on there diff like what diff can i put in my vx ss that has a better diff ratio and is less cost effective?
  4. V

    Vx traction control relocation

    Hey guys , helping a mate do a manual conversion to his vx ss and was curious as to the traction control button. Can it be extended up to the dash to fit a manual facia and if so how do we do that Cheers
  5. RyanDZ88

    T56 gearbox service

    Hi I have a 01 vx ss with a T56 manual 6 speed box with 213xxx and as far as i know its the original box. This is the 1st manual ls1 i have owned all previous have been auto and want to treat it rite and give it a full service. Was reading that dex 3 is the best is this true as I'm a lil...
  6. C

    My twin 3" Hurricane exhaust, just bad luck or do they only last 4 years?

    Guys I am looking for some direction on what to do, I put this exhaust on in 2013 and it lasted until around 2017 when a hole rusted out in the drivers side muffler. Now, the exhaust has sounded awesome the entire time until this happened but it needs to be replaced and no one is willing to swap...
  7. M

    Vx ss front reo bar bent

    Hey guys, The front reo bar on my vx ss is shagged all bent and buckled out of shape. Just wondering if a reo bar from other models can be used on it? Like vt and ss or executive acclaim all those sort of different commodores or are they all the same across vt/vx? Cheers for the help
  8. My VX Commodore

    My VX Commodore

    I bought this Car in 2015 when i was on my L's. It is an 2002 VX s2 Commodore executive auto. This is what it Looked like when i first bought it In 2017 A friend of mine had an accident in a 2000 VX berlina wagon. Which i then bought for $300 and Stripped of its interior and swapped its rims...
  9. lurkin91

    New car new problems.

    Hey guys cheers for reading, I just brought a near mint vx ss , couple things concern me too so maybe you can help (I'm sure most of these questions have been answered but yeah cheers) . It has a random squeak on drivers side that sounds like its rotating so I'm going to change all the pulleys...
  10. MaxF


    Hey all, new to this forum and just after some help! I own a Vx ss 5.7ltr auto, with a big cam and supporting mods and have recently been experiencing 2 issues 1: when the car is cold after coming to a stop I will go to take off and put my foot down and the car will just roll and not rev until I...
  11. Miickyy

    PLEASE HELP!!!! VZ pillars and map lights to Vx ss

    G'day boys. I got my self a Vz calais rooflining and pillars in black to do the conversion in my Vx ss. Best thing I've ever done love the black look over the beige crap it had. My question is it also came with the map light sunglass holder which I've fitted everything in looks great. The Vz...
  12. Miickyy

    Vx to Vz interior pillar upgrade. With lights

    G'day boys. I got my self a Vz calais rooflining and pillars in black to do the conversion in my Vx ss. Best thing I've ever done love the black look over the beige crap it had. My question is it also came with the map light sunglass holder which I've fitted everything in looks great. The Vz...
  13. saif abushanab

    VX SS Some quistions??

    I bought used ss 2002 175,000km ( here in saudi arabia it called chevrolet lumina ss not holden commodore vx ss, it's all the same ) I tuned a little: added 2 hood redlines, changed seats leather to red. But i still need some answers:- Original acdelco sparks pulgs and spark wires part number...
  14. Miickyy

    Pleaseeeee help, clunking noise.

    Hey guys I'm seriously on the verge of either selling my piece of sh**t Vx ss or putting a brick through it... The **** box recently developed a wierd clicking/clunking sound from rear right wheel which is annoying coz it goes and comes when it feels like it. I've replaced diffs and I've...
  15. C

    VX SS Auto box...again FFS

    Something different...NOT...the replacement trans has started leaking like a sieve...contacted the vendor who says the mechanic should have replaced front seal, which I wasn't told..only to be sure trans radiator was flushed, which invoice states was done. mechanic has car now, looking for leak...
  16. Miickyy

    Shift kit on ls1?

    Ey peeps. Just wanna know whether a shift kit and servo gears is really worth the money considering they Vx ss is and electronic box. All the adjustments are made through the tune so is it even worth having them and what are your recommendations
  17. Miickyy

    Vx ss diff swap

    Hey guys this is the first time I've done a diff swap in a Vx. I have a 2001 Vx ss auto, I just found myself a 2002 manual Vx ss series 2. . I want to put the manual diff in it. Other than the diff it's self do I need anything else. Or is it a straight swap..
  18. N

    VX SS Manual, Revs drop to almost stall when disengaging clutch while driving

    Hey guys, seems I've got a problem with the old girl, when driving along, any time i put the clutch in, the revs drop to an almost stall, jump a bit and then and then gradually struggle back up to idle, this seems to happen pretty much any time i take load off the engine, any suggestions? Cheers :)
  19. B

    Engine light

    iHi guys need some insight on something, had an engine light appear on my 2002 vx ss and its running rich, scanned it and it was an O2 sensor code..just one bank, got some new sensors online(yes..online my bad, never buy sensors online!) then both bank sensor codes appear and the light is on...
  20. G

    2000 VX SS ABS light

    Ok so I have pretty much purchased my first v8 and I am pretty excited. Anyway I took this car to be looked over by a mechanic and he found it a little odd that the abs light was on when the car doesn't support abs?? Not knowing a great deal about them I ask why would it be on if it dosnt have...
  21. R

    LS1 MISFIRE, Misfire goes away when intake air sensor (IAT) is disconnected?

    Hi guys, I have a VX SS, LS1, mafless, otr, cam, exhaust, the problem is the car seems to bog down at low rpm when accelerating (sometimes even die untill I back off) and surge while driving at low rpm, feels like a misfire? When I disconnect the intake air temp sensor (IAT) after the...
  22. R

    VX SS, 4L65e making a clack click sound when ignition turned to on?

    Hi guys, When I turn my ignition to on in my VX, LS1, 4L65e the transmission makes a clack, click sound? This is before turning the ignition to start. Each time I turn the ignition to off and then back on the same clack, click sound is heard. Does anyone know what could be causing the noise...
  23. R

    VX SS Ls1 Built 4L65E, Trans shifting into second early under load at WOT

    Hey guys, My 2001 VX SS LS1, cammed, mafless tuned, pacemakers and exhaust with built 4L65E 3000 stall is shifting into second gear early under full load with WOT. Even with brake applied at a stand still with or without first gear selected it will try to take off in second gear with WOT...
  24. J

    vx ss problems

    hey, i have a 01 vx ss and it has some electrical problems. they include -thermo fans not working -temp gauge not working -fuel gauge reading incorrectly -aircon fans not working - various dash light stuck on (airbags, oil) - not sure if PWR and traction control work because the lights...
  25. VXSSTurbs

    Diesel semi synthetic engine oil in a LS1 turbo

    Hi guys, First off I'm a complete newbie to this site and have spent hours upon hours researching/reading all the posts and I love it!! Now down to business... After years of owning turbo rotaries (cue the haters) I thought I'd get into an LS1 turbo and only today purchased a VX SS with a...
  26. corey95

    Coreys Vx ss

    Name: Corey Model: 2002 Vx ss hbd Colour: Phantom Black Bodykit: Vx ss Engine: 5.7 gen 3 ls1 Exhaust: 2.5" with high flow cats... (not sure on full details of it) Intake: VCM Otr Gearbox: Standard 6 Speed manual Diff: Standard 3.46 lsd Suspension: Pedders superlow front and Lovells...
  27. B

    VX Equipe | 345rwhp! | LS1 228/230 cam & ported heads + t56 conversion

    The VX | Broken :( | LS1 228/234 cam & ported heads My names Brent and this is my first car. I bought it back in 2008 off a mate that wanted a car with better fuel economy [he bought a 2008 suzuki swift]. He bought it from the auctions as a repairable write off as it had fresh water damage...
  28. michael9s

    Traction control light vx ss

    There are plenty of these threads with a similar problem but can't dig one up the same as mine! I have a 2002 vx ss and the traction control light won't turn off And I can't turn the traction control of! It just bogs down and spins slowly! I'm thinking its the sensors but is there a way I can...
  29. D

    VX SS Project Car Modification Recommendations - Help

    Hi All, Im sure this comes up a lot so i apologise for the repeat. I have a VX SS, it is my first V8 and I have decided to make it my project car. I need some guidance and recommendations with regards to the modifications. I have a mild working knowledge of mechanics and "sort of" capable...
  30. V

    Chattering Relays above kick panel

    Hi all, Am new to this forum so please forgive me if someone else has asked before. I have a VX SS Sedan gen3 5.7L Auto. It's done a good mileage (270K) and runs really well, apart from a couple of things. Firstly, there is a relay chatter coming from the front right of the car (above the...
  31. P

    VX SS Head unit

    Hi All, I am looking to replace the head unit in my VX SS, currently everything is standard and to be honest im pretty happy with the standard speakers at the moment. However i would like a head unit with more features than the standard one. It seems a massive waste to have such a huge...
  32. M

    Which Is Easier????

    Heres a question for you all, just wanted to get some feedback from anyone who has done either of these conversions. Would it be easier to do a manual conversion into a VX 5.7L Calais or a climate control conversion into a VX 5.7L Manual SS? And yes I know these topics have been covered...
  33. MAX V8

    [VIC] Supercharged vx ss

  34. U

    vx ss 2000 shaking shuddering on acceleration

    My vx ss is shaking teribbly on acceleration like bhur bhur. And on reverse it sounds like grrrrrrrr. The whole car shakes when I accelerate and noisy like ghut ghut. It is still drivable and I take it on the highway. The engine and transmission are in excellent condition. I think the axle or...
  35. SSMAN

    Vx ss shock absorbers

    So I am looking to purchase new shocks for the rear and new struts for my car. I was looking through the monroe catalogue and was also told by a retail outlet that the 35-393, 35-394 standard height struts and 15-232 standard height shocks for the rear are what I need for the Fe2 suspension. is...
  36. coug

    Coug's new VX SS

    Finally got a v8 :yahoo:, sold my vz sv6 and bought this!! let me know what you think, any suggestions for future mods etc more than welcome! Model: VX SS Year: 2002 Colour: silver Engine: 5.7L LS1 Engine Mods: EDIT: otr cai Kms: bought it with 108 000 2 months ago Power: EDIT: Willall...
  37. S

    [VIC] WTB VX SS Headlights + foggies

    as title says looking for some VX SS headlights and foglights to suit, PREFER genuine but will consider others...cheers
  38. C

    VX SS Clutch poped and dropped

    Hello all, I have a question for anyone who thinks they know. I was taking off from a set of lights and my clutch seemed to just pop. I could push the pedal but there was no pedal pressure and the clutch wouldn't engage, it was just dead, it seemed like something had snapped but I don't...
  39. D

    vx ss trans

    vx ls1 wont change to 2nd gaer unless you back off right before it would normally change gears and then jump back on i could it be shift solenoid or stuffed trans