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vx wagon

  1. G

    [VIC] Holden VX Acclaim Wagon Swap to VX Sedan Acclaim or Berlina

    DESCRIPTION: Swap a VX Sedan Acclaim V6 or Berlina V6 (High Kms with Good condition motor/auto/body/interior, Rego more then 6 months, tow bar) ITEM: 2001 Holden VX Acclaim wagon, Orange LOCATION: Elmore VIC CONDITION: Used, Good condition Motor/Auto/wheels and Body/interior...
  2. T

    Abs code 71

    Ok so ive been having abs problems with the warning lights coming up. And got a code 71 but my friend is confusing me by talking about there being 2 abs moduals. One in the engin bay and one in the dash. My question is is this correct? I know where the engin bay one is but where is the other...
  3. T

    Tailshaft replacement - one headache after another

    Ok so for a roady i have the replace the centre bearing on my VX v6 auto wagon. I was told that the auto tailshaft it just one piece and cant be seperated so ill have to replace the whole thing. - but i keep getting told i should just change the centre bearing and that its easy but everytime i...
  4. T

    ABS light on but no error code.

    I recently put my VX wagon in for a roady and while it was in i got the mechanic to check the lights on the dash that were coming on and off, there was ABS and traction control and I think engine - but the engin light may be off now because I just replaced engine mounts and rocket cover gaskets...
  5. W

    Is there an easy way for a vx wagon internal release for tailgate

    Hi, I'm going on a roadtrip and will be sleeping in my VX wagon and was wondering if there's an easy way to set up an internal release for the tailgate Cheers
  6. hwy747

    [NSW] VT - VZ wagon items for sale

    ITEM: Genuine Holden Cargo barrier (including mounting screws for base), Cargo blind LOCATION: NSW Southwest Sydney (Georges Hall) CONDITION: Used (Barrier's perspex is scratched but it is still sturdy and does the job), cargo blind is in OK used condition (NOW SOLD) PRICE: $50 for cargo...