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  1. M

    VX Berlina S2 - which BCM?

    Howdy all, Does anyone know what the number code is for the VX S2 Berlina’s BCM? The manual scan floating around indicates that it’s a LUX (as you’d expect) but doesn’t actually say which model. I’ve read some stuff that makes me think it might be the 014 but I’d love to get some confirmation...
  2. brend94vr


    Hi guys, ive searched for answers here to no avail. I was recently told by a mechanic that my drivers side rotor has a hole in it. Is this even possible? Thanks guys.
  3. R

    Transmission Problem

    Hello just seeking some general direction. My VX v6 auto transmission has began making its changes at about 2600 rpm. Obviously high. Driving in 60 k zone, I cant get out of second gear, or im speeding. Also have a high idle issue. Done a fault code test and it pointed to the throttle...
  4. motorbreth

    [Ecotec] My VX Calais S2 - Questions about mods and what not!

    Hi guys, I was thinking about doing an L67 conversion but I think that's out of the question for the time being as I'd like to see what I can do with my L36 and if I don't what I'm after I'll consider the L67 or maybe just fork out the cash for a nice 6L. I'm chasing around 200rwkw/270bhp so I...