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  1. R

    Supercharged VX starting difficulties recently. Now wont start at all.

    Hey folks. Ride is a VXii 3.8 supercharged. Had the car 3 years, very reliable, always started first kick. Three weeks ago i blew a heater valve in heater hose line. Engine beeped very hot, computer appeared to shut down engine and i was roadside for a day...
  2. danielnitschke

    2002 VX Series II - What Fuel Pump do I need?

    Such a **** show. I've got ten different people telling me eleven different things. I have a 2002 VX Commodore - Series 2 Acclaim VIN : L815xxx Does it need the pump with the pins in a straight line like o o o o or with two above and two below : : Figure you guys would know.
  3. B-T-GiZzLe

    Replacing DVD player handbrake wire

    Good morning, Many moons ago when I had a DVD player installed in my VX (Series II Berlina Sedan) I was young and silly and asked the installer to bypass the handbrake wire to allow me to watch DVD's while the car was moving. I believe they earthed it somewhere. I haven't used the DVD part of...
  4. AshTylor

    My VXII Acclaim Wagon

    So whats going on guys? I'm 17 and I get my license in 20 days, I'm buying 2 12" Alpine Type "S" in a sub box tomorrow with a 1000 Watt Pioneer amp. [/URL][/IMG] Thats how she looks at the moment, re painted the fuel cap so everything is all the same colour now, what do you guys think? My...
  5. S

    VXII random clunking started all of a sudden

    I bought my VXII 2001 Acclaim 10 days ago. It's done 186000km, full service & repair records - well looked after. Today out of nowhere this weird random clunking started. At first I thought it was coming from the back, I can't be sure but it seemed to come from the front as well. I felt it but...
  6. N

    [NSW] 2002 VX II S Commodore

    ITEM: 2002 VX II S Sedan (we are the 2nd owners of this car) PRICE: asking for $5000 but open to offers around that price. (please no swaps, dont need another car or bike) LOCATION: Lake Heights N.S.W 2502 YEAR: 03/2002 SERIES: VX II BADGE: S ENGINE: 3.8i TRANSMISSION: Auto COLOUR...
  7. holdengirl17

    [VIC] 2001 series II vx exec with hsv lookalike body kit, vt ss rims

    ITEM: Hi, i want to sell my car, simply becuase i want need wagon/family car. regretful sale. VX 2001 SERIES II 245,500km white with the hsv clubsport colour on side skirts and bumpers. interior is in fantastic condition, i replaced the seats and door trims with vx acclaim seats. also...
  8. nzBrowny

    VX S manual - slow to drop revs

    Gudday New to the site, i have a 2002 VX S pack manual just turned over 150000kms for some reason though, the engine holds its revs in between gears for a short time before dropping. On an early gear change they will even rise to about 2500 before coming down. Doesnt seem to do it on down...
  9. D

    VX head unit

    I need to know if i can still control a custom fitted head unit with the VX Lumina stock/standard steering wheel with the controls (mute, volume, etc...)? Anybody?
  10. A

    VXII Acclaim Immobiliser Security Problem

    Hi All, This afternoon I went to unlock my VXII remotely and noticed the remote didn't work. Thinking the battery had just died I unlocked the car manually with the key in the door and the stock alarm started going off with the car beeping. I tried the remote key again to unlock and lock it...