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  1. T

    VX to VY dash conversion window wiring

    Hey Guys, I've almost completed converting the dash in my vx to a vy. I've run into a road block trying to find wiring diagrams for the electric windows online. I hear they're wired differently with the same plug. Currently it's plugged in and not working. Could someone please shed some light...
  2. Miickyy

    Help !! Professional opinion or experience ??

    Ride: 2001 A4 VX SS 2001 keeping it short and sweet ? ANY OPINIONS OR EXPERIENCES ON THE FOLLOWING SET UP? I have the following Power: 235 rwkw. Diff: 3.45's does anyone in this country have a straight answer to what i need, i am very interested in a stage 2 shift kit with 500 thou...
  3. W

    VX SS Gearbox Shudder

    Hi Guys, Just wondering if anyone knows - my t56 has started to shudder at low speeds, ie idling around carparks etc when I depress the clutch and disengage gears, or rolling around in neutral. It's a pretty bad shudder. It still drives perfect, finds gears fine etc. Done 140,000kms...
  4. C

    [VIC] WTB VX SS spoiler

    DESCRIPTION: WTB VX SS spoiler in color H154 (Silver) (perhaps a bodykit depending on conidition and pricing) ITEM: VX SS spoiler in color H154 (Silver) LOCATION: Victoria, Mornington CONDITION: Preferably new. DELIVERY/PICK UP INFORMATION: Happy to pay postage, or travel to/near Melbourne...
  5. W

    Procharger P-1SC-1 and D-1SC-1

    G'day Is anyone here running either one of these pro-chargers on an LS1-fitted VX/VT? If so, what kind of power are you making and what does it feel like to drive? Cheers.
  6. B

    VX SS body kit on a VT

    hey i got a 2000 vt and bought a vx ss front bar to put on, can i wire up and chuck in fog lights? if so, is it difficult?
  7. W

    VX SS oz-track cams?

    G'day I was looking at getting a Stealth II cam from Oztrack tuning installed in my VX SS. Anyone know if these are a good cam for LS1s? cheers.
  8. W

    VX SS suspension querstion

    G'day, Does anyone know if there are some lower profile suspension i could put up front of a VX SS that will keep the car at stock height? I picked up a set of machined VE series rims and they all go on perfect except when the car is lowered. Wheel size is 245/35/r18. When the car comes...
  9. C

    Vy v8 abs module issues

  10. S

    My vx ss

    hey all just popped on to show my current ride. This is an ongoing project but so far here is the start Model: series 2 vx ss Colour: white with black vinyl wrap on roof and pillars Engine: standard internal (for now) Intake: ramjet Otr and maffless tune Exhaust: standard manifold with 2...
  11. W

    VX SS Backrest

    G'day, The backrest on my VX SS on the drivers seat seems to be loose? There seems to be about an inch or two of movement. The base seems fine though. Really annoying under moderate to hard acceleration. Anyone know if there's something i can tighten? Cheers.
  12. W

    VX SS Manual vs Auto Fuel Economy

    G'day, I've been doing a bit of reading and i'm getting the impression that the auto variant of the VX SS gets better fuel efficiency than the manual? Aside from the fact that people with manuals may drive harder, is there a logical explanation for this? I figured the 2 extra gears would...
  13. pommyVL

    ** my vxss auto gearbox died - converting to manual ** pointers **

    Hey lads, just need a few pointers as i have never done this. What type of box to go for eg. Worth buying new? Places to go around newcastle or sydney to get this done properly, cheaply, with best performance outcome? Also front suspension has gone, nob of a previous owner obviously...
  14. pommyVL

    2001 VX SS - Help with performance!!

    Hey guys, I have a VXSS (auto :spew:) that I love and enjoy to drive. I recently drove a VYSS manual, and it drove absolutely perfectly - fast precise, i just had a totally different experience driving it, and was left thinking about why mine didnt have the same effect?? It wasnt just...
  15. V

    vx led brake light conversion,resistor??

    Gday Its probabably been covered a million times but im new so forgive me, I just installed some altezza taillights i scored off a mate on my new vx ss but they have caused my traction control light to stay on constantly. I figure because they are l.e.d. they need some sort of resistor...
  16. S

    [VIC] WTB VX SS Headlights + foggies

    as title says looking for some VX SS headlights and foglights to suit, PREFER genuine but will consider others...cheers