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  1. Scruff

    VX coolant

    Got a new radiator not long ago, was just having a gander at the instructions for installation and it recommends using type b coolant(anti corrosive) but everything I've seen for the car says to use antifreeze/boil, mainly nulon long life, just wondering what you folk would say is the correct...
  2. Scruff

    Auto vx v6 radiator

    Hey all, first time posting. Apologies if it’s not in the right place. Need to replace the radiator and wanted to get some suggestions on what the best ones to look at are. Figured buying new is probably the best option. Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions
  3. S

    Is there anything wrong?

    Hi there fellas First time poster long time reader and i would just like to say that this site has helped me so much and i would just like to thank everyone on this site. Anyways back to the question i have just recently build my v6 commodore and it was the first time i had ever seen a dyno...
  4. owens

    [VIC] VT V6 - 50th Anniversary

    ITEM: 50th Anniversary V6 Commodore PRICE: $5500neg LOCATION: Victoria, Melbourne & Mornington Peninsula YEAR: 1998 SERIES: VT BADGE: 50th Anniversary ENGINE: V6 Ecotec TRANSMISSION: Auto 4sp COLOUR: White EXTERIOR CONDITION: EXCELLENT INTERIOR CONDITION: EXCELLENT...